Kof 2000

A buddy of mine got me into this combo fest of a game , and it’s really fun. Thing is we’re both scrub at it, and I don’t know any bnbs or strats. Heck lots of days I cant remember anyone’s special moves who’s not iori, ryo or benimaru. Could someone help me out here?

My team is k’, iori, and kyo. Dunno who to use for a striker. joe seems good.

Go here for KOF 2000 info:http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=192596&page=1

uh, sorry, but the last post before mine was two months old. Can’t you just help me out here?

With your team Joe would or Seth would be best striker for your team.

for quick bnb’s

K’ you do: Dwn.B,Dwn.B,qcf.A,Fwrd,D

Iori: Dwn.B,Dwn.A,Fwrd.A,qcb.A or C x3

Kyo: Dwn.B,Dwn.A,qcf.A

I’ll get more for you later.