KOF 2002/2003 Beginners Help

That statement does no good.

How about you LIST the top 5 ground CDs in 2002, instead of just going off so vaguely?

You say it as if everyone knows about kof or something.

I know a couple things about kof2002. However, I decided to be the questionaire here in FGD now, because someone has got to, in order to get some info going for those that do not know much about the game, or are just getting into it. And for those just spouting out vague info.

KOF is a rushdown/poke game more than a crazy combo fest IMO. Even tho crazy combos do come into play a lot.

You can do fairly well with just simple combos. Each character has 1 or 2 simple quick damaging combos that you can use in your game.

But the main key about kof is to keep moving and doing stuff. Jump attacks, pokes, mini jump rush, keep away moves, and of course taking advantage of openings with damaging combos and of course more.

My suggestion is finding a few characters that you can get comfortable with. There are plenty of characters and I am sure you can find some that you can use no matter your skill level, but the key is to read up strategy FAQs on characters, and following up on them. I suggest if you don’t want to start big, just pick 3 characters and use them consistently so you can get a feel of their game and weaknesses. Once you get somewhat familiar with the game engine, watch KOF match videos which will show you how the game is really played.

Yeah, yeah, 2k3 is bad we know that, but the ps2 2k3 is the only version of the game I would play competetively. Some shortcomings are still present but then again some aren’t.

And maybe I did exagerrate about Ryo’s ground CD or maybe I didn’t. But using his ground CD is an absolute must for him. More of a must than any other character, maybe I’m wrong but I’m not thinking that hard on this. And I would also like to know what you consider the best five CD attacks like OMS said.

And is it a bad idea to make KOF character specific threads in the strat section?

I was in the process of moving and im still waiting for my tv to get here so I cant even play at the moment.

Ok cool, don’t forget this thread when you do get to start playing.

Another highly useful tactic in KOF is combos that start from down+B(light kick). Many characters have a bnb standard, easy to do, quick, nice damage combo that start from down+B.

d+B combos are rated high in kof because of the down+B’s tendency to connect easily, so make sure you know combos that start this way.

Oh, and just in case:

A: light punch, B:light kick, C: hard punch, D: hard kick.

Basic d+B combos for kof 2002 and most can be used in kof 2003 as well:

Kyo/Kusanagi: d+B, d+A, df+D.

Benimaru: d+B, qcf+B, d,u+B.

Terry: d+B, d+A, df+C, qcb+A.

Ryo: d+B, d/s+C, qcf+A/C.
Note: End this with C version for it causes more damage.
You can also end with hcb+D for even more damage but only if opponent is standing, but you can connect this move with B if opponent is crouching).

Takuma: d+B, f+B, hcb+D.

Billy: d+B, d+B, dp+B, j+C.

Yuri: d+B, d+A, dp+C x 2.

K’: d+B, d+A, qcf+C, f+B.

Iori: d+B, d+A, qcb+A x 3.

Mature: same as above.

Kim: d+B, d+A, qcb+A, uf+B, d+B.

You can be sure that if you play seasoned KOFers that they will be using d+B combos on you, so make sure you get the hang of them so you can use them on opponents as well.

Next step after mastering these is to end d+B combos with DMs, Super Cancels, and HSDMs with some characters, and we will see if we can get into those later.

(DM=Super Move, HSDM= Hidden Super Move)

Go ahead and ask anything regarding these combos or anything else.

Anyone learning KOF should also post in this thread.

If it helps, my strongest 3S character is Elena. Do any KoF characters play anything like her?

I do play 3S, but I am sure everyone that plays 3S on SRK can kick my ass. But I can hold my own to some degree.

So anyway, I don’t pick her so why don’t you post real quick her typical combos that you do.

Note: You will not learn KOF if you think SF. However, I am asking about your Elena just to know what we have to work with here.

I have KOF 2K2 / 2K3 brand new un opened…

why is it still unopened?

Edit: Open it and play. Go to Practice first, and access movelists, and use mentioned strats.

Well, my game pretty much consists of poking around until I get a chance to land a Super Art for big damage, then I mix up my wakeup game for hits until they predict right and stop me, and I’m back to poking. I play aggressively, but I’m also kind of hit and run.

Ok, well there are lots of hit and run characters in KOF and even more aggressive ones.

But you have to have an overall game where you use most if not all fighting tactics available. Poking, combos, jump attacks and playing styles. KOF is more fast paced compared to 3S, but I’m sure if you put in the time, you can pick up the game(s) and constantly keep on learning and getting better. There is a wide variety of characters and lots of things to do with them.

And to add to the above d+B combos: The best way to compliment d+B combos is to do them after jumping in with an air attack.

Do jC or jD to add optimum damage to all of those d+B combos. You will miss a lot but keep trying them to get the timing right. You can also use jA or jB before the d+B’s, but the damage is less but they are easier to connect. Use both ways.

Sorry I should have asked this before but where do I find this guide you guys are talking about.

You can find it at www.gamefaqs.com

Best site for FAQs around.

I’ll start off by stating that I prefer playing KoF 02 over 03 simply because I noticed the moves don’t have the tendency to connect as well in 03 opposed to 02. A couple of tips off the top of my head would definately be to be cautious when using the “roll” technique (LP + LK), don’t use to too far from your opponent nor too close because if the player is experienced they’ll strike right when the “roll” sequence is over. Next tip, ABUSE the safe-land - when your opponent knocks you down (note: this does not work after you’ve been attacked with a grapple from a grappler such as Shermie/Clark etc.), hit LP + LK right before your character touches the ground so that there is a less delay in time, which means you can counter attack quicker!

Here are quick combos for some of my fav characters:

Athena (in corner) - jumping SP into forward+LK (2 hits) into hcfx2 + (any) K

Leona (in corner) - jumping SK into ground SK (2 hits) into forward+LK into qcf+hcb+
(any) P

Mai - jumping SP into crouching SP into down-forward LK (hold down and forward together - 2 hits) into qcf+hcb+ (any) K

Shermie - jumping LK into LK (2 hitz) into hcf+hcf+ (any) P

  • Hope this helps a bit…if you want more combos…feel free to ask! :tup:

Good god, yes…especially Chris…that boy’s EVIL.

Jp hk, st hp, f + lp, hcb lp/lk/hp/hk, or qcf hp…or MAX cancel off the first hit (elbow) of the hcb + any button into either (s)dm.

f,d,df + p, hp, f + lp, either (s)dm…or ANY of Chris’ specials.

I love the hit and run Vanessa…her BC 80-100% combos own…just as Mr.Big noted out…many people abuse her teleports all the time trying to be flashy when playing her…and get into trouble…

When you say thinking 3S won’t help us learn KOF, what do you mean? That is, which staples of Street Fighter theory do you have to drop in order to grasp KOF mechanics?

Also, are there any characters you should avoid or at too much of a disadvantage to all the rest? Or do they all have a chance given the right strats? I suppose it depends on which KOF you’re playing…

I dunno if anyone mentioned this yet, but Tizoc is frickin’ powerful.
Also note that you can cancel his Close Standing HP into almost ANYTHING-even his HCBx2+P/2P DM!
Here are some combos to try for Tizoc:
Standing HP–>B, D, DB+LP–>QCFx2+K
Standing HP–>HCBx2+P/2P
Standing HP–>HCB+P
HCF+LK–>QCF+LP in the air (hard to do in KoF 2003 for me)
HCF+LK–>B, D, DB+LP or D+(HP+HK)
Also note that if you do a tag attack and tag to Tizoc, you can combo his HCBx2+P/2P…or so I have managed to do sometimes.
…and remember-Big Griffon Fall OWNS all super throws known to man! …or woman!

I dled the guide he has for KOF 2002 its most a movelist but its better then nothing. So far ive been using Vanessa but I suck.

Best combo I can come up with is in the corner, standing C, foward A, dp A, QCF X 2 super. Does like 40 percent something like that. Ive been seeing if she has anything that will connect during mid screen after the dp but im not having very much luck right now.

Anyways thanks everyone who put down some info, much appreciated. Now that I have everything I can actually sit down and try this shit out.

Bump this to, been playing Leona. What is the best way to play her and what are her main combos.