KOF 2002/2003 on XBOX Live

whats up all you gaming virgins
does anyone know which one is gonna be online?
both? or just one of them?

Both are going to be online.

i hope they be alot better then the other fighting games that are online

I hope they be a lot better than the other KOF games…

lucky for you 02/03 are considered the best ones after 98 of course id problay just give it too 02 for being better as that plays more like 98.

besides playin fighters online will suck because of lag never played XBL but this is what i always here.
Is that true? cos lag would be unforgiving in a fight.

The lag always depends on your and your oponents conection. If even one of you has a slow speed modem, it’s going to lag. But if you both have a fast enough connection, it will be fine. Connection, always the conection. :tup:

i cant wait for this. btw any word on the isuka xbox release for north america?

Dash you have XBL? are their many people to play online since your from england as well.
what fighter gets played the most?

kaillera this shit and save your money

yeah i had that in mind, but for once i want to own an snk fighting title.

I’m seriuosly considering getting kof’02 for xbox earlier than having to wait for August…I’m going to have some free time during the summer so I would was hoping to play some Live KOF since I’m so sick of shitty delay/lag infested Kailerra.

So yeah, does anyone have any info if the Japanese port of KOF2k2 is region-free?

Meaning if you port it, will it be possible to play Live with those that have kof2k2? ( probably mainly the Japanese/Asian community)

SNK’s Netcode is SHIT. Look At SvC Chaos.

There is ALWAYS lag online. It just depends on if it’s noticable lag, less noticable lag or just a few frames of lag (which WILL screw up ALL higher levels of play regardless of fighter)


don’t know if anyone else has posted these yet. I had heard at least rumors that all of these were coming, but now I am pretty excited.

Both CVS2 and GGXX#R have more lag.

For those that want to play KOF’02 on Xbox Live without having to wait for the US release read this thread :


ill believe it when someone from srk tries it.

Was it ever really that lagged? I don’t think I’ve ever had lag playing Chaos. Still doesn’t change the fact that Chaos sucks.