KoF 2002 Modding/Hacking Questions

I’m interested in creating a bootleg/modded rom of King of Fighters 2002. I’ve located many online that include additional characters, modified movesets, and modified sprites. I found a series of tutorials and I’ve been following along, but unfortunately I don’t speak Portuguese. My primary goal is to modify a player sprite and modify the moveset. Through the use of Google Translate, I’ve been able to get along just fine and I understand the process of sprite editing, however I am totally hung up on this “KOF2k2_P2.ROM” file which I can’t seem to find. I am not asking anyone to post it here, but I am thoroughly confused as to where to even locate it. I have the NeoGeo rom, I have the MAME rom, neither of which are the correct “KOF2k2_P2.ROM”. I feel like as soon as I can get a hold of that “KOF2k2_P2.ROM”, I can start my project.

The second question I had was about how people go about “adding” characters to rom hacks. For example, the KoF Special Edition 2004 Plus (KoF 2002 Rom Hack) adds a couple of characters. Ideally, I’d like to “create” a character by editing an existing character’s sprites, and eventually patch them into their own selection spot.


EDIT: I located the KoF2K2_P2.rom-- I’m not sure how much I can say, but for anyone else reading, it’s in the zipped rom file. Just look for the file ending in “p2.bin”.

EDIT: I have successfully modified an in game sprite-- Now I need to do the actual pixel art/sprite work.

Hey man. I’m trying to mod kof 2002. It seems that you have done something very complicated. The only thing that i want to do is to change the kof2002 stages for other stages of other kof series. Do you have any idea of how this can be done? Thanks man.