KOF 2002 - Need Seth combos

Does anyone in here use Seth? I sure as hell do. Ever notice that if you do his CD at the right time when an opponent attacks you, he kind of parries his opponent’s attack and continues to deliver his own? That aside, I need Seth combos, if he has any. And some May Lee and Yashiro combos wouldn’t hurt either.

Hold up, I got yashiro combos.

crouching A, crouching B, A, light Upper Duel

and one in MAX:
jumping D, close C, forward+A, light Jet Counter, strong Upper Duel, cancel into light Jet Counter.

But let’s get to the point.




  1. D, f+A/f+B, dp+C
  2. D, f+A/f+B, hcf+AC, qcf+C, qcfx2+P/AC


  1. D, f+A/f+B, hcf+AC, qcf+C, dp+A


  1. C, f+A, BC, run C, f+A, hcf+AC, dp+C, hcf+AC, dp+C, hcf+AC, qcf+C, qcfx2+P
  2. D, f+A, BC, D, f+A, qcb hcf+BD

There is no reason to use any other combos than the ones above as they are inferior.



  1. C(1), f+B, f+A
  2. C(1)/D, b+A, hcb+K, f+B
  3. C(1)/D, b+A, qcf hcb+B
  4. C(1)/D, b+A, qcf+A(1), (S)qcf hcb+B(Buffer:qcb+B), qcfx2+P
  5. A/B, df+B, qcf+A(1), (S)qcf hcb+B(Buffer:qcb), qcfx2+P


  1. d d+P(counter), hcb+B, qcfx2+P - 50%
  2. C(1)/D, b+A, hcb+K, qcfx2+P


  1. C, f+A, BC, run D, f+A, qcf+A(1), (S)qcf hcb+B(Buffer:qcb+B), qcfx2+P

May Lee:


  1. D, qcbx2+K
  2. D, qcf+K, K, uf+K, d+K
  3. D, qcf+K, K, (S)qcbx2+K
  4. Crouch C(Hero), qcb+C, jump D
  5. qcf+K(Blocked), d+K, ABC, qcb+A, (S)qcfx2+P
  6. Crouch C(Hero), delayed qcb+A, (S)qcfx2+P
  7. hcb+K(Counter), ABC, Jump qcfx2+P(Buffer:qcf uf, qcf+P)
  8. D(1), ABC, Crouch C, qcb+C, jump D


  1. Crouch C(Hero), qcb+C, qcb+A
  2. hcb+K(Counter), ABC, qcf+C, ABC, qcf+K, ABC, qcb+A, (S)qcfx2+P

Max Mode Activation:

  1. D(Hero), BC, run Crouch C, ABC, qcf+K, AC BD ABC (Corner)
  2. Crouch C(Hero), BC, Crouch C, qcb+C, ABC, qcf+K, AC BD ABC (Corner)
  3. D, qcf+K, K, df+K, ABC, D, BC, C, qcfx2+AC

Cool, gotta try them out when I play 2002 again.

crouch A (or 2), df+B, qcb+B>f+B
crouch A (or 2), df+B, kick super, d+C (or punch super)

Are his bread and butters. The other combos with b+A miss too many crouching opponents

btw, C, f+A then maxmode cancel DOES NOT WORK. f+A results a knockdown.

A more practical maxmode combo is

C(1hit)>df+B, BCcancel, run in d+C>df+B, kick super, d+C (or punch super)

b+A was intended. You can actually do the combo with D, b+A BC, D, b+A but the C doesn’t push as far as the D, so it requires alot more running up after the BC. However, the D does hit low (which means if you do land the D, opponent will probably be blocking high, which means b+A won’t miss).

Ah now I remember, I actually use [close C (2hits) > BC…]. The 2hit close C is good for hit confirmation - meaning, you have enough time to decide to BC cancel after the 2hits or not.

As for D>b+A: if a chris, shermie, whip, etc blocks the string low, the b+A will miss and your seth is soo fired.

Hmm… I feel like going to training mode and make a backfist chart to keep track of what characters can crouch it.

Goddamn seth. He’s already the liability of my team due to a shitload of bad matches and to make things worse, his combo executions have so much minor problems.

Someone should probably make a thread just for kof combos, like the Garou one…

Holy shit! Thanks! I’m definitely going to write this down.