KOF 2002 UM: To Ban or not to Ban Vote Now!


Okay, the problem with this game is that tournament rules have to be decided and there is no Arcade Standard because there is no Arcade release of the game. So I need to get a good feel in regards to what needs to happen for rules for this game and what does not need to happen.

So…Here are your choices vote now:

Should I:

  1. Allow everyone
  2. Only allow characters that are from the start of the game
  3. Ban Who needs to be banned and allow who doesnt
  4. Hold two tournaments, one with everyone allowed, the other with just default characters allowed

Vote now…

Here’s what I’ve gathered thus far showing stuff with the hidden characters:


Vote so I can better get an idea what people think about this. What makes it difficult once again is there is no arcade to compare to, we don’t have an arcade standard…



My vote, allow only the characters avaible from the start.


Please dont make this into smash…Just ban boss characters. Is it really that hard? It should have been obvious from the get go.


No its not obvious…ban boss characters means the NESTS characters + Rugal…but…some think Geese and Goenitz need to be banned…so its not that simple…



Bassically only the unlockable characters, I think the boss characters were more fan service not to be taken seriously.


I say option 3.

There’s no arcade version to go by so why should we go by arcade rules? Besides most people who say “ban unlocked characters” are just saying so because it’s the easiest option.

I’m going to play Geese. He’s not god tier so he doesn’t deserve to be banned. If he’s top, he’s top. No one said shit about Athena, Billy, Choi in OG2002. And on top of that like in every other KOF, they their whored hell with them. So top doesn’t equal insta-ban.

Infinites are of course banned.

Also take note… some bosses have been toned down FOR A REASON. If SNK didn’t give a damn… all the bosses would be broken.

So simply saying bosses are there for fanservice is stupid.


Why not just ban eveyr unlockable character to resolve any of the mess though, its more simpler and more practical.


I voted for ban those who are accordingly broken, which at this rate, are all the Bosses atm (Sry, i still think Clone Zero is too broken especially with such crazy poking range) Geese and Goenitz need some time to be examined further but they don’t look to be in the same pillar as the bosses, so i would invest playtime in that. either way tho, we got 50+ chars (plus 3 ex chars) to break down into a list so its going to be a doozy.

edit: Its simpler because its the easier way out. Why ban a character that was put in the game other than you’re too lazy to unlock them. they could be the worst or best character for all we know. Playtest is the answer.


It’s a pretty tough call. I, personally, think that it’s not right to have to limit players on who they can play, which is why I’m almost always against banning chars in any game. But the thing is, in this case, even if the hidden chars are banned, the cast is so large that players won’t really be limited.

I guess I’m kinda undecided at the moment. If the hidden chars end up not banned yet s-tier, it will get annoying to have to deal with them match after match at a tourney… but that’s just me.

btw, I hope we’re at least banning jhun’s inf.


We already have a large roster excluding the unlockable characters…and since most them are visably broken why waste time"playtesting". Its the easiest thing to do and the most practical.


but why deny people options, im sure some geese players would love to use geese if its legal in the respective game, but are not allowed to because the organizer doesn’t feel like unlocking him. Its just not right. Its like banning Ryo from KOF if he was a locked character, or kof99 when Kyo and Iori were locked.


As I said in the other thread, ban unlockables for now. For tournament play this is the best solution.

The reason isn’t just because it’s simple, it’s also fair. When you have to pick and choose who is broken and who isn’t, you’re not always going to get a consensus. You can say “ok bosses are banned except for Geese/Goenitz” and then you get guys coming in talking about Clone Zero being okay or OG Zero being okay, Igniz okay as long as infinite is banned, etc etc. Then you have guys coming in and saying shit like this:

So now you’ll have people coming in saying that since Igniz is banned, well, let’s ban Choi cuz he’s too good, etc etc. These kinds of arguments can go on forever and you can’t just have one guy put his foot down and say “it’s like this” because nobody put that one guy in charge of the game. It’s best to have it one way or the other: either all unlocks are banned or all characters are allowed.

See, the game JUST came out. You can’t definitively say something like this.

IIRC, there were infinites in OG 2k2 and they were not banned. This counteracts some of your argument about characters being banned.

I think it’s pretty clear this entire GAME is fanservice. There’s a reason it didn’t get an arcade release.


Just ban the boss characters. The ones who were STUPIDLY broken. We dont wanna make this shit into smash simply because you think you have authority over the snk scene.


Ban only who needs to be banned


I think that a test is in order, and I think that the community can come to a mass consensus(excluding Evo, but nobody cares what he thinks). From what I’m seeing with Geese, he seems like he’s tournament material. He doesn’t have the level of “holy shit” that’s present in other top tier SNK characters, such as Duo Lon in The King of Fighters 2003 or Mr. Big in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.


I think I have authority over the SNK scene eh? Hmmmm…I know this much…I’m the one running most SNK tournaments in America…I’m the one running an SNK major you won’t show up to get beat at (2, one in Phoenix, the other in El Paso pick one) :sweat:…so in that case who is the one making the rules?

That would be me. So with me understanding this I wanna make sure we are all on the same page…or close to it…I’m not gonna just exercise this as a dictatorship…

Now please dont remind me why I decided to put you on ignore… :sweat:

And as of now most people say Option 3…which as of now seems like Banning the NESTS bosses…but allowing Geese and Goenitz…



just ban everyone but default characters so you dont have to fuck with memory cards


Wouldn’t that mean banning ex-chars as well? I don’t think there’ll be reason to ban them.


The tournament provider should have a memory card with them for the game. Either their very own or one someone provided.


Stop banning things on the first week!!!