KOF 2003: Leona, King, Mary and Iori

Well I just happened to buy KOF 2003 the other day for only 5… I know it’s not exactly the most loved KOF but I’m having a good time with it so far.

I was just wondering if any of you guys could point me in the direction of combo or match vids for Leona and her team, King, May and Iori? Or any tips for these characters would be great - particularly Leona as she doesn’t come so naturally to me and I feel like I’m missing the point of how to play her.

I did a search for KOF 2003 before I posted this and I didn’t find anything to do with this but if I’ve fucked up and just missed it, be my guest and just post a link to that thread - you have my apologies.

You picked the wrong game to learn Leona and Mary in.
They’re quite terrible in KOF 2k3, much worse than their older versions, I’m afraid…

Fuck… Oh well… This game’s pretty fun and I’m not about to start playing it at tournament level or anything. I have to be honest and say that I’m usually a Capcom guy but I just bought this on a whim the other day (it was so fucking cheap).

Still, I do enjoy playing as Mary, King, Iori and Leona the most. I just don’t get Leona - I can kick off pretty well with the other three but I feel neutered with Leona. I wanted some advice on her team member 'cause it feel sort of proper to play with her team rather than mixing and matching and I don’t usually go for grapplers so it feels like a nice change.

Leona’s an extremely unique character, fairly hard to master.

In most KOFs her very basic strategy is to use her speed, range, and air priority. In that sense she’s almost like the SNK version of Vega (Claw) in terms of characteristics , however their playstyles are absolutely nothing alike.
Unfortunately they took away a lot of her speed and priority in KOF 2003. Her basic signature combo in most KOFs is:
[Whatever], :r::snkb:, then X-Slasher (air :qcb::p:) or (with meter) V-Slasher (air :qcf::hcb::p:).

I’m certainly not a master SNK player, but those are the very bare-bone basics of Leona.

Well in the kofs before 2003, her hop D had amazing priority…probably her best air defense. Also, her jump C can be used as an instant overhead since it hits the moment she leaves the ground…so use this when near the opponent and it is pretty much impossible to block.

not sure if her V-Slasher is invincible in 2003 but it is in kof2002. Abuse her crouch B pokes too. Crouch Bx2, Crouch A, charge down up+C is a useful combo. In 2002 her signature combo was D(1 hit), rdp+D, C/D(2 hits), f+B, V-Slasher but I don’t know if it works in 2003.

Yes, KOF 2002 was definitely her best year sans her ultra cheesy 96’ version.

REally? capcom is good, but snk is also a very good alternative. unlike capcom, snk gives alot to their fans more so than capcom. KoF 2K3 is mad awesome, fun fun game.


as everyone else mentioned, Leona is definitely nerfed in 2K3. I actually played 2K3 for the first time a couple weeks ago with a friend.

it sort of worth noting that her “Rebel Spark” super comes out REALLY slow now in 2K3

KOF 2003 I think is underrated.
If you ban Duo Lon and Maki the game is fine to play.

It’s one of my favorite KOFs, but I can’t deny that KOF XI simply improves upon it in such a way that it’s basically obsolete (like 97–>98, even though 97 is my least favorite KOF).
Of course, it does have a few good things that XI doesn’t (Billy, Yamazaki, Chang, Hinako, a GOOD Tizoc…)

it does. and you can replace all the stuff after rdp+D with a multishift if it’s available.

Out of those four, Iori is your definite best choice for leader. His LDM is extremely comboable, and the way damage is scaled in 2003 (or not) makes this very useful, especially since his damage output isn’t as impressive otherwise.