KOF 2K2 Discussion

Lets talk about the best KOF game so far :cool:

It depends on what u like in kof.

They’re good in their own ways. However, 2k2 is still being played competitively(as well as Neowave), while 2k3 has been turned into a casual game(because of the fscked up shit in there).


2002’s much better. As said, 2003 is alright for casual play, but not suitable for competitive play.

2003 is the first of a new engine, like 99 (99-2001) or 96 (96-98) or 94 (94-95).

Like in every new KOF engine, its got its share of messed-up shit. Still, i would say its one of the best in this list (94, 96, 99, 2003) so far. It has the same “hmm, this is new, and cool” feeling that KOF 96 had. Its much better than the 99 engine, where (as much as they tried) they never went anywhere.

I play 2003 and feel that, with some tweaking, it can become a totally kick-ass game. Will it be this year? Who knows. Its certainly possible.

2002, on the other hand, its great simply because its 98 all over again. Theres no life or creativity. Just the fact they tried already makes 2003 “superior” to 2002.

I like 2k3 a bit more.

2002 is much more solid, but SNK has already done solid…

2003 is just a lot more fun imo, even with Duolon. I would rather play against Duolon than Choi, haha. The thing is, yeah you’re kinda forced to pick Duolon/2 other characters, but the game is still mad fun like that.

I also like the effectiveness of throws in 2003. It forces players to have a much more active defense. Though I guess in some situations throws might be a little too good…

I thought the tag system was also awesome in 2003, except that it directly benefited certain characters over others. Since you can’t cancel into tag attacks, all the characters that have command throws or easy to land attacks that give them frames to link coughduoloncough are much more useful for tags than others. Still, it’s a good system imo and they should try sticking with it and make it better/more balanced.

I like KOF 2002 a bit more because its a Dream Match, but I like KOF 2003’s new features. The only thing is… 2002 doesnt have King, but KOF 2003 doesnt have Andy or Shingo :frowning:

Shingo is in 2003 (but Kula isn’t… :lame: ).

Hmmm I couldnt remember if 2k3 had Shingo or not, been quite some time I played it, but I can’t recall Shingo being there. If he is there then, I need to freshen up my memory ^^

But not having Andy there bothers me, I have to use the Bogard Brothers!

2k2, just cos duolon is in 2k3

That’s like comparing KOF’96 to KOF’98…ridiculous. 2K2 owns 2K3 for frizee.

I like 2003 much more. 2002 was a dissapointment for me.

Put it simply kof2k2 is just so much better in 2k3 in everyway. the only thing 2k3 has it going for is the character switches from what i know. There is absolutely no question that 2k2 is way more balanced then 2k3. kof2k2 is also a dream match, almost all your fav chars are listed in this game. the max combo guage is what really shines in 2k2. :smiley: you can’t say there is ‘no life or creativity’ in 2k2. take a look at the kof2k2 japan matches and maybe it’ll change your mind. you just can’t say 98 matches are the same like 2k2. the matches between those two are completely different, especially when max combos are used. :wink:

so i guess your saying that 98 had a max combo guage. :rolleyes: how is 2k2 98 all over again? :confused: other then it being a dream match and 1 on 1 what does 2k2 have that makes it 98 all over again. max combo guage alone makes the gameplay in 2k2 completely different from 98, even tho 98 was a great game, it was plagued with the same play over and over… Chris jumping HK over and over in the air, Goro grabs till you die, Iori players jump in punch, standing fierce, F+punch then fb/3 punch or whatever. 2k2 matches are so much more varied, you see something new almost everytime with each character. again watch some japan 2k2 vids. im pretty sure you’ll agree 2k2 matches are vastly better then 98 matches in everyway. :cool:

want to play 98, GO PLAY 98!


You can throw that kind of shit all day. Any person can keep throwing bullshit like that. “Oh my, Shermies CD is different! WHOLE NEW GAME! OMFGLOL!”.

It wont change the fact 2002 is based on 98, something that even the SNKP and Eolith made sure to point out. Max Combos are ONE FEATURE in a game based on 98.

Any other person with a brain (meaning, not you) realizes that 2002 was an easy cash-cow. They made no effort, didnt create anything (no, Max Combos are NOT new), and still made nothing but a rehash. :lame:

I have a few dozen japanese 2002 matches in my HD, actually, and played in a local 2002 tourney in July. Still wont change the fact 2002 was just Eolith going back to 98 to please some stupid fans - whiny fans stuck in the past like you. :rolleyes:

If I wanted to play '98, I’d play '98. 2002 is a horrible attempt at emulating what made '98 so good. It also became a problem of the system being too much a part of the gameplay rather than the fighting itself (MAX combos, anyone?).

Neowave, on the other hand, looks like a lot more fun, even with some of the glaring omissions made in the main cast. Besides, it has 3 ‘grooves’, so it is a bit more representing of the multiple stages SNK’s fighters have gone through – it feels like a better game, throughout.

Also, NEWSFLASH: Don’t like Duolon in your matches? Ban his ass.

2k2 will always be the better Kof!

I personally like 2K3 for casual fun. I play 2k2 to be serious. I want to play neo wave and see how that feels (I’m probably the one of few who hasnt shitted on it yet).

I didn’t know that Neowave already came out. They haven’t got it yet where me, Plaer dos, and Big house play yet. I agree with all of yall, 2K2 is the game to play for being serious.

To me 2k3 just isn’t a fun game to play. Even if you took out Duo Lon, I’d still hate the game. I wonder if the same people that made SvC made 2k3, since thats pretty much almost the only other game I’ve ever played that I feel that way. No matter how bad most games are, they’re usually at least fun for like an hour. Not so with SvC or 2k3.

2k2 IS THE SHIT!!!