KOF 2K2 Thread

I did a search and found a wiki link or something that was supposed to have a big guide but it seemed to be broken, maybe it’s somewhere else tho… I seem to be catching on to this a lot faster than GG, haha, it feels more like what I’m used to, and I’ve played previous KOF games before…

one thing I’ve had mad problems with tho is pulling off some of the super combo’s that are like qcb, hcf, <-, ->, lp+sp (I think that’s it), like I can pull off any move in GG fairly easily/consistently, but some of the KOF move I haven’t been able to pull off at all, and some are really hard to get consistent… example, I can pull off iori’s spark thing on the right side of the screen like 20 times in a row fine, but if I go to the other side of the screen and try his dashing punch combo thing (same motion qcb+punch I think), it’s not consistent at all… I dunno, could it be cuz I’m using a normal xbox s controller instead of a stick, or does it make that big of a diff? maybe I’m just a n00b and need to spend more time getting the timing down, haha, it just seems weird because I’ve never had a problem with not being able to pull off a move in a fighting game after 15-20 mins in training mode…


Do qcf hcb motions as qcf qcb. Same goes with qcb hcf motions. The buffering in that game is pretty leniant…if you want to do say, hcbx2 quickly, you can actually store an hcb motion, then run quickly and do hcb+attack, which will result in hcbx2+attack.

thanks, I’ll give that a shot

yeah what the hell happened to our last kof 2k2 thread?

The wiki died…that and no one seemed to care.

The wiki was up and running last week but now it’s down again. <.>

Ummm, yeah, so everytime I goto Shoryuken and try to get into the wiki to see KoF 2k2 combos, it’s always down. Is it ever coming back up?

Database seems to be dead or something…just post requests here and I’ll post the info.

Could you post up some combos for Athena, May Lee, Mary, Kula, Chris, Leona, Mai, and Whip for now please? And is there any easy way to cancle from Athena’s Psycho Sword to her Shining Crystal bit?


  1. Close D, f+B, dp+A - 25%
  2. Close D, f+B, dp+A(Buffer:hcb dp+A,2), (S)hcbx2+P - 45%
  3. Jump D, land, Hyper Hop A(Buffer:qcf uf+A), qcfx2+D(Buffer:qcf+D) - 50%
  4. Close D, Far C - 20%
  5. qcfx2+D(air, angled such that it hits the back of the opponent only), Hyper Hop A(Buffer:qcf uf+A), qcfx2+D(air, Buffer:qcf+D) - 70%


  1. ~qcb+A(as opponent is waking up), run Close C, f+B, qcb+D, (S)hcbx2+P - 70-75%


  1. Close D, BC, run Close C, f+B, qcb+D, ©qcb+B, run hcbx2+P/AC(Buffer:hcb, f hcb+P/AC) - 65%
  2. Close D, Far C, BC, hcb f+AC/qcf+ABCD - 55%/60%
  3. Jump D, Close C, BC, run Close C, f+B, qcb+D(2), ©dp+C(1), ©qcb+D(3), ©qcb+B, Jump qcfx2+D(air, Buffer:qcf uf qcf+D), dp+C(6), (S)hcbx2+P - 100% (Corner, May Lee only)


  1. CD(counterhit), qcf+B, dp+A - 25%
  2. Jump CD(counterhit), d+B(air) - 20%

May Lee

N = NOrmal mode, H = Hero mode

  1. Close D(N,2), qcbx2+K(N) - 40%
  2. Close D(N,2), qcf+K(N), K(N), uf+K(N), d+K(N) - 33%
  3. Close D(N,2), qcf+K(N), K(N), (S)qcbx2+K(N) - 55%
  4. Close D(N,1), ABC, Crouch C(H), qcb+C(H), jump D(H)/jump qcfx2+P(H, Buffer:qcf uf qcf+P) - 42%/55%
  5. qcf+K(N,Blocked), ~K(N,Blocked), d+K(N), ABC, qcb+A(H), (S)qcfx2+P(H) - 48%
  6. Close D(N,1), ABC, Crouch C(H), delayed qcb+A(H), (S)qcfx2+P(H) - 55%
  7. hcb+K(N,Counter), ABC, Jump qcfx2+P(H, Buffer:qcf uf, qcf+P) - 50%
  8. Crouch C(H, opponent in air), ABC, qcf+K(N,1), ABC, qcf+B(H) - 24%
  9. Close D(N,2), qcf+K(N), K(N), df+K(N), ABC, D(H), qcf+A(H)/(qcb+A(H), (S)qcfx2+P(H) - 50%/75%
  10. Close D(N,2), qcf+K(N), K(N), df+K(N), ABC, Jump D(H, Buffer:qcf uf+D), qcfx2+A(H, Buffer:qcf+P) - 55-60%


  1. Close D(N,1), ABC, Crouch C(H), qcb+C(H), wait split second qcb+A(H) - 43%
  2. Close D(N,1), ABC, Crouch C(H), ABC, qcf+K(N,1), ABC, qcb+A(H), (S)qcfx2+P(H) - 60%
  3. hcb+K(N,Counter), ABC, qcb+C(H), qcb+A(H), (S)qcfx2+P(H) - 70%
  4. hcb+K(N,Counter), ABC, qcf+C(H), ABC, qcf+K(N), ABC, qcb+A(H), (S)qcfx2+C(H) - 72%


  1. Close D(N,2), BC, run Close D(N,1), ABC, Crouch C(H), ABC, qcf+K(N), AC BD ABC(N) - (Corner)
  2. Close D(N,1), ABC, Crouch C(H), BC, Crouch C(H), wait until she recovers, qcf+C(H), ABC, qcf+K(N,1), ABC, Jump qcfx2+P(H)/(qcb+A(H), (S)qcfx2+C(H)) - 60%/75%
  3. Close D(N,1), ABC, Crouch C(H), BC, Crouch C(H), wait until she recovers, qcf+C(H), ABC, qcf+K(N,1), AC BD ABC(N) -
  4. Close D(N,2), qcf+K(N), K(N), df+K(N), ABC, D(H), BC, C(H), qcfx2+AC(H)/f B f C C(H) - 85%
  5. Crouch BBB(H)


  1. CD counter(N, counterhit), ABC, qcf+B(H) - 15%
  2. CD(H, counterwire), ABC, qcf+K(N), ABC, qcb+A(H), (S)qcfx2+C(H) - 55-60% (Corner)
  3. qcf+B(H, counterwire), Jump qcfx2+P(H)/(qcb+A(H), (S)qcfx2+C(H)) - 35%/50%

I haven’t really created this combo section…but her most basic combos are Close C(1 hit), f+A, qcf hcb+A, or close C, b+B, charge back, f+B, then qcf+B or supercancel qcf hcb+P. Crouch Bx3, far B is a useful poke combo.


  1. Close C(2), f+A, qcb+B, f+D, dp+A/dp+C(dp+C if in the corner) - 33%
  2. Crouch BB, Far B, df+B/dp+C - 20%/30%
  3. Crouch BB, Far B, dp+C(1), qcfx2+P - 55%


  1. Close C(2), f+A, qcf+A, qcb+B, f+B, qcb+B, f+B, dp+C - 50%
  2. Close C(2), f+A, qcf+A, qcb+B, f+B, qcb+D, Crouch C - 45%
  3. Far C, qcf+A, qcb+B, f+B, qcb+B, f+B, dp+C - 45%
  4. (Opponent near corner) Close C, f+A, qcb+B, f+D, (S)qcfx2+P, dp+C - 45%


  1. Close C(1), f+A, BC, run Close C(2), f+A, hcbx2+AC - 60%
  2. Close C(1), f+A, BC, run Close C(1), df+C(2), ©dp+C(1), ©qcb+B, f+D, ©dp+C(1), ©qcb+P - 50%
  3. (Corner) Close C(1), f+A, BC, run Close C(1), f+A, dp+C(1), ©qcf+A, AC BD ABC - 85%
  4. (Yamazaki near corner) Close C(1), f+A, BC, run Close C(1), df+C(2), ©dp+C(1), ©qcb+D, f+B, hcbx2+AC - 70%


  1. CD(counterhit), qcb+D, f+B, dp+C - 40% (Corner)
  2. qcb+P(counterwire), run CD, dp+A(whiff, just for building stock) - 25%


  1. Close C/Far C(1), f+B, hcb+A - 25%
  2. Close C, f+A, qcbx2+K - 30%
  3. (Crouch B, Crouch A)/Close C, f+A, hcb+P/K(1), (S)qcbx2+K/(S)qcfx2+P - 33%


  1. Close C, f+B, qcbx2+K - 35% (opponent standing)


  1. (Crouch B, Crouch A)/Close C, f+A, BC, run Close C, f+A, hcb+P/K(1), (S)qcbx2+AC - 50%


  1. _b f+C, _d u+C/jump qcf hcb+C(Buffer:qcf uf qcb+C) - 45%/55%
  2. Crouch B, Crouch AA, _d u+C - 20-25%
  3. _b f+K, jump qcf hcb+C(Buffer:qcf uf qcb+C) - 45%
  4. Close D(1), rdp+K, Crouch C, _d u+C - 50%
  5. Close D(1), rdp+K, Crouch C, f+B, qcf hcb+P - 70%
  6. qcb+B(full screen away), _b f+D, f+D, (S)qcf hcb+P - 75%(not useful)


  1. Close D(1), rdp+K, D, f+B, qcb+A - 45%


  1. Close C, df+B(1), hcf+B/qcb+C- 30%/25%
  2. Close C, df+B(1), qcb hcf+K - 42%
  3. Close C, df+B(1), qcb+C(1), (S)qcb hcf+K(Buffer:hcf+K) - 50%
  4. f+B, qcfx2+P - 33%


  1. f+B, forward+Close C, then any combo that uses Close C


  1. Jump CD(counterhit), hcf+B/qcfx2+P - 22-25%/33%
  2. Jump CD(counterhit), qcb+C(1), (S)qcfx2+P - 45% (Corner)


  1. Close C, df+B(1), BC, Crouch C, df+B(1), qcb+B, ©hcf+B(1), ©qcb+C(1), (S)qcb hcf+K/BD(Buffer:hcf+K/BD) - 70%


  1. ~hcb+B, Close BB, ~Close A(must be very close to connect), Crouch B, hcf+A/hcf+C/qcb hcf+P - 30%/35%/45% (remove one close B and close A if you want it to combo reliably after jump attack)
  2. ~hcb+B, Close BB, ~Close A(must be very close to connect), Crouch B, hcf+A/hcf+C, (S)qcb hcf+P - 45%/52%
  3. ~hcb+B, Close D, f+Ax5, hcf+A - 40%
  4. ~hcb+B, Close C/Crouch C(1), hcf+C/qcb hcf+P - 35%/50%
  5. f+C/D throw, rdp+A - 20%
  6. CD/Jump CD, hcf+A - 25%
  7. Crouch C(opponent in air), hcf+A - 20%
  8. f+D throw, immediately dp+A - 30% (Mary, Kula, Yashiro, Orochi Yashiro, May Lee)


  1. (Opponent in corner, Whip full screen away) qcb+A(air), CD, hcf+A(switched sides) - 38%


  1. Jump CD(counterhit), CD, hcf+A - 40% (Corner)
  2. CD(counterhit), hcf+A - (Corner) - 33%
  3. Jump CD, hcf+C/qcb hcf+P - 32%/


  1. Crouch C(1), BC, Crouch C(1)/(Close BB, Crouch B), qcb hcb+AC - 55%
  2. Crouch C(1), BC, Crouch C(1)/(Close BB, Crouch B), hcf+C, (S)qcb hcf+AC - 65%
  3. Crouch C(1), BC, Crouch C(1)/(Close BB, Crouch B), hcf+C, ©hcb+A(hold for split second and release), ©hcf+C, ©hcb+B, walk backwards slightly, Far C(1), ©hcb+B, Close D, f+Ax5, hcf+A - 85% (Corner)
  4. CD(counterhit), BC, hcf+A, ©hcb+A(hold for split second and release), ©hcf+C, ©hcb+B, Close BB, ~Close A, Crouch B, qcb hcf+AC - 80% (Corner)
    She has a ton more maxmode combos, but since there are so many versions, I will not post them…yet.

Cancelling psychosword into crystal bit isn’t really useful. TO do it, you can use the shortcut hcb dp+P, hcb+P…basically you are doing half the crystal bit motion before inputting the psychosword, which then leaves only half the crystal bit motion left to do.

Can someone post up a rough Tier List.
Wondering how some characters stack up on others. (Namely Kim)

Kim’s pretty good due to his qcb+C(? Haven’t played in a while, I might have stuff wrong) chains and max mode stuff. IIRC he’s just scraping the top tier if he’s not top himself.

I’m not sure if the top has changed, but to my knowledge, it’s ABC (Athena Billy Choi). Characters like Iori, Vanessa, May, and Angel are really, really good as well.

this should be the new tier list.

May Lee
Athena(moved up)
Billy(moved up)

Choi(moved down)
Vanessa(moved down)

Daimon(although he’s rare to see in high level play)




i believe the game has changed enough for people to see that tiers in 2k2 arent really solidified cause for the most part, the game is balanced.

Where would you put normal Yash and normal Shermie? I can’t seem to find them on the list.

fixed. though now that ive consulted some people, im going to change it a bit.

Could I see some combos for Iori, Vanessa, and Angel?

I got a few, but since I dont’ really play this with anybody except my roomate, I’d like some insight on more.

new vids

I don’t like how those guys play…mexicans and japanese own them.

Edit: I only saw the grandfinals, maybe there were better players that somehow lost.

Is there a way to nail Ryo’s SDM consistently? That move seems useful if we’re able to pull it off consistently in a match. After all its unblockable and all.

It’s pretty hard to do…you have to be recovering from a move and do the motion just before you finish the recovery. Some examples of when to do the motion are:

  • end of a roll
  • just as you land from a jump
  • just after recovering from some move (say, qcf+A)
  • right after the maxmode activation occurs
  • supercancelling from dp+C (this is the easiest)
  • CD (this works for some reason)