KOF 2K2 Thread


Can anyone explain me how to get the “counter” in the middle of a combo ??


Ryo - A*3 .Max xx CD (counter occurs) QCF~HCB+A.

[media=youtube]fYlB48a85JU[/media] [1:20 Ryo vs Joe]


source for this?


this tier list is crap lol


Why do you say that? It’s not like there’s ridiculous max mode stuff that’s been discovered that’ll bump someone up a notch. For the most part, I think it’s believable, in the sense that Athena/Billy/Vanessa/Chris are among the top of the heap.


WEll, considering you were the guy that claimed tier lists were not based on tournament results, I wouldn’t really talk about that. I don’t agree with that tier list in general, it applies more to Mexican tournaments.

Here is how I know to do the bug. Hit Joe out of his mashing punch move (might work with any special move he has). This will activate the bug. Now, there seems to exist very specific combos for each character such that one of the middle hits causes a counterhit mid-combo. For example, with Kula, crouch Bx2, qcb+P(counterhit), and crouch Bx4, df+B(counterhit) work, but crouch Bx2, df+B does not counterhit.

Edit: Vanessa shouldn’t be high tier at all. When it comes to tournament results, she rarely actually gets that far. In addition, her shit is easy to stop if you are smart. Angel is a more dangerous character than Vanessa, and tournament results (atleast in Mexico) show. For whatever reason, Japanese Angel players are inferior to Mexican ones.


May Lee -Not so sure about this- she’s always been mid-low

Choi(moved down) -i think that the ABC team is dominating in this game…everyone else is below them

O.Yashiro -i dislike this maybe one step lower is ok
Daimon(although he’s rare to see in high level play) -seriously this make me laugh
Yashiro -nah mid tier
Maxima - LOL
O.Chris -way better damage than normal chris with almost same setups (except for the dpA but covered by hcfD throw)

Mature - lol


Chin -kyo is worse than him…once drunk chin can land serious ownage

you can’t judge kof2k2 only with BC combos…otherwise vanessa and yashiro will be the uncontrastable GOD tiers due to their 2 stock kill/almost kill

btw the ones i commented make me feel that who wrote that list put low charas that don’t like or use


dont’ wanna go into another retarded tier non tier discussion
i only say that tournament are heavily based on player experience and strenght…otherwise even in games like third strike Hugo will be top tier judging that he arrived at the finals

my skill with mature can be better than your with athena…

but this won’t change the fact that athena is far stronger than mature


It’s the only objective way to rate it. If you think Vanessa has many strengths, I can easily show you ways to beat those so-called strengths, making her look extremely weak.

Give me reasons (based on your definition of what a tier is) that someone like Vanessa should be at the top. The only thing I can think of is her 100% damage with 2 stocks.

Edit: And Vanessa is one of my mains, so don’t think I have some sort of bias against her.

Btw, this is a better combo video than that Team Exedo video:


Edit: And about Hugo, he doesn’t consistently arrive in the finals, which is why he is not top tier. But if he continued to do so (like Yun, Chun and Ken do), then he would be top as well.


vanessa is heavily based on mixups
dont have any overwhelming priority aside her A jumpin but let me say that once vanessa keep a good pressure on your chare you’re pretty owned
her combos can be landed from everywhere
low B for low combos
fwdA overhead
A jumpin

plus she have A LOT of ways to force you guess high or low using that feint of her
plus she can also sway with teleport and make you miss and go empty open for a punishment

aside her 2 stock 100% (that again can be landed from everywhere and always ready 'cause she’s a great stock builder)
she also have her 2/3 stock guard crush into juggle then supercancel

compare all this with terry and you have the higher in tier list

and for vanessa can be written more


First time I heard someone saying May being mid-low in anything, ever. Certainly not in 2001, and little things like lack of anti-wakeup in 2002 aside, she has good rushdown/pressure with the attack strings and mode switches.

I’ll give you that though, I also thought the placement for Vice was a bit off.


in 2k1 maylee was DIVINE tier but we’re talking about 2002…


If you mean strings utilizing her qcb+P, I use that too. However, it would only work against an inexperienced player who doesn’t know the mixup and thinks you can just mash through it (in which case they will be getting hit most of the time).

Her jump B is also a good high priority move, for air to air purposes.

Well I could just say that a good player doesn’t guess which way to block. The overhead is far slower than the sweep. You can also just roll backwards out of the mixup until they notice that and stop doing it. Fireballs can kill her easily, forcing her to jump into anti-airs. Athena owns her for free. Anyone who abuses the dash puncher outside of attack strings generally gets owned too, and it can even be punished during an attack string (by throwing right before the dash puncher hits, after a blocked crouch C).

Edit: May Lee in 2002 is nasty. You just don’t see many high level may lees in general, unless you are playing in Mexico, where she is top tier there.


not every chara can mash through her qcbP
if i use kim ok i can even hienzan if i hear that whoooo
but with a low tier isn’t sure that can deal easily with that…

also what make the difference in player ability is even that you can’t go and do C qcbP over and over expecting the other won’t react
but this won’t change the fact that that move is a little ‘boost’ to her pressing
again, if someone try to mash and you know/expect you can sway and punish badly
here comes in player nerves, and ability
another story

are you saying that during a match an overead will never be landed?
player ability concern even ability to land your shits
you expect your opponent rolling?
pursue him with teleport and make him cry

you seem to talk of ppl that do the same string over and over becoming predictable to who have to defend

in the end, athena have no bad matchups at all

you’re the top match owner :stuck_out_tongue:
post some youtube stuffs
i have only a maylee video ownage but it’s only one

but you have to throw in even the difficulty to master to make a chara become top tier…even angel suffeded this…i remember some old tier lists where in a bracket they always say’top tier only if you master all of her chains’


Just look at my old stuff, for a player named Esteban. I have 7 videos of him.

About Vanessa, I’m know what you’re talking about and I use the things you say against people, but I don’t see how those strategies would work against an expert, and whenever I do see a vanessa somewhere in a match, she usually loses.




thx i’ll check…

omg that skylife3 great stuff…


here’s a link to a better quality vid


Can you explain yourself better ??. I don’t understand how to get it if you’re hiting Joe -> Max -> C+D ‘Counter’… so i saw vids on KoFunion witch this bug with every char [Iori gets the ‘Counter’ from a Dp+A…

BTW, Vanessa is a very predictable char… can be stoped w (far standing) Lk of most chars… and the DF+D of Kyo is her nightmare… ^^U. The only good thing of Vanessa is her inf. combo and her QCB+Lk~Sp (guard break) xx super combo.


Link me to this video. It is pretty much known in the whole kof community that the bug only works on Joe…

As I said, after the bug is activated, then some series of combos WILL give a counterhit during some of their hits. The combos are different for each character. In this case, Ryo did something like crouch Bx2, far A, BC, CD(counterhit), into the DM. Crouch Bx3, Far A, hcb+B also gives counterhit (on the far A and hcb+B I believe). There are a few other combos with Ryo that give a counterhit.

I odn’t know the exact cause of the counterhits, but they seem to only occur if one of the hits connects from a distance and is in the middle of a combo, but this distance I’m unsure of. When the bug is activated, Joe has a larger hitbox than usual.

One combo I did with Kula is qcf+C, run up crouch Bx4(counterhit on last crouch B), df+B(counterhit), BC, SDM immediately. The SDM hits here because of the counterhit on the df+B.

You don’t actually need to cancel the guard break into a super. You can cancel the guard break (if you used a backwards teleport only), into qcf+B, then close C to infinite.


Oks, thx. i’ll try tomorrow the bug… again. Wish me good luck. XDDDD

I did not know that… but if Vanessa Breaks your guard xx Qcf+B. C-to-inf//DM, Can you do anything agains this or only ‘eat’ ?? O_o.


Once your guard is broken, you can do nothing…so don’t get your guard broken.


for this you have to:

fast reflexes
have at least a stock to CD (i prefer AB then go for a counter)

then as emil said before vanessa can die to fireballers and more in general to zoning strategies…once she can’t get you close she can’t do anything…