KOF 2K2 Tier Listing (Gameplay wise)

i play lots of 2k2 competively here in mexico ill share from what i seen people pick and think top tier.

O.Yashiro,O.Chris,Blue Mary, Ralf,Vanessa,Kula,Choi,Athena

My Personal picks are:

4.Billy Kane
7. O. Yashiro

I’ve got Kula vids from a korean tournament. Nothing but Ice ball pressure and corner trap with far standing B into Ice Ball.

the need shall be fulfilled soon!

Here’s how I rank the top of the charts.

  1. Choi. Gets slight nod over Athena due to damage potential.
  2. Athena. Really close between those two.
  3. Iori. Basically the Ryu of KOF, except even less change from game to game. Still a really scrubby beginners char. Not as retarded as 98 (only reason Iori isn’t banned like Duolon is that the 98 cast is overall stronger then the 03 cast)
  4. Billy. Scrubby as well, but has a few more bad matchups.
  5. Vanessa. Insane pressure game and priority.

After that, it gets murky- with personal preferences ruling. I feel the top 5 is pretty well set though. From 6-40 it’s pretty even though.
Only Choi and Athena are in the broken range to me, the other three are just high tier and somewhat scrubby, but beatable. Athena and Choi have a few tougher matchups- just wish counter-strats were more viable.

Not too surprising, but still a bit disappointing.

K’, Kyo, and Iori definitely need to be higher than you guys are ranking them.

I think that’s how it’s been since KOF2000, except far standing C into Ice Ball. She was a beast in 2k1 though. That’s probably her best year.

Primarily because of her infinite. Hell, the juggle system in general for 2k1. =/ Most of her normals were faster too, IIRC…

Edit: And wasn’t the stun on Ice Breath longer?

I thought the stun was longer in 2k2?

Actually Leona and Yuri are rather high too.

Actually, I’d say that she’s better in '02. The infinite’s no longer there, but by then, all of her normal attacks are in place, most importantly, the aforementioned reworked standing B (which is key in keeping grapplers at bay). Diamond Edge is much more useful now, in spite of being DM only. And, an overhead in the form of her HSDM doesn’t hurt, either (even though comboing it is the only way to guarantee it’ll connect otherwise).

The normals have the same speed between years as far as I can tell. As for Diamond Breath, the stun’s also the same.

I don’t like 02 that much, it just revolves around air to air attacks and tripping. It’s kind of choppy so it’s hard to do some moves and I hate that big dash backwards.

Hmmmm… Maybe I’ll just fire up both of my Neo*Geo’s and play 2k1 and 2k2 side by side, to see Kula’s changes from each year. Either way, she’s still a solid character.

Mmh …, I never saw a good Kula ,but Leona can be a pretty amazing beast in 02… But a lot of people forget that, so I just wanted to mention it.^^

Found this thread at Orochinagi: http://www.forumplanet.com/planetdreamcast/orochinagi/topic.asp?fid=5431&tid=1030300.
Haven’t read it all, but so far tends to support the general analysis, with the except that the guy gave ramon an A+. I don’t play him, but I always thought he was stronger than some people give him credit for.

Ramon is solid, but I think he has a few more bad matchups then the big 5- very offensively minded, and can mix up easily, but is somewhat vulnerable to rushdowns, why I don’t rate him as highly.

Well, according to theory here, ramon is a rushdown character, with his huge strength being throws. This then, leads me to believe that he’s very strong in the rushdown game, so I’m not sure how he’d be weak in that area. But yeah, I do see how if the top 5 is chang, choi, athena, may and billy that ramon would have a poorer chance against them (since they’re all keep out characters).

It’s like some of the people putting forth their picks for top tier have never played the game except against the computer.

Well, the reason I way Ramon is weak against rushdown, though he can rushdown well, is his lack of good solid air defence esp vs hoppity stuff.

He can manuever himself well away from it, and I’m not saying he isn’t an upper mid, he definitely is, especially with his crazy cancels- he’s just not as strong as Vanessa in those categories.

No love for Orochi Chris? He’s got insane jump priority, a pretty good fireball, good ground normals, qcf+K, and the BC combo of destruction. Let somebody build meter for him and then let the kid come in and wreck shop.

Kof 2k2 is a pretty balanced game. There were some top tiers when the first year the game was released … but as of now, the tiers have slightly changed.
Reading most of the posts here in this thread makes me wonder if the people posting here are playing this game really hardcore you know.

For what I can tell : Kim, Yamazaki, Billy, Choi, Athena, Leona, Angel, Iori are at the top. Some say Andy is also ( but I havent seen a hardcore good Andy player yet so I cant tell ).