KoF 2k2


Sadly almost every Angel player I run into now can do the Angel infinites almost all the time but don’t really know how to play smart overall…it’s like they are tossing away the fundamentals just to get down the infinite.


Like hop into super, That shits unblockable O_O


Check out neo-geo.com. There used to be a KOF-exclusive board there, which has been folded into the Game Play forum. Anything you could want to know is in the archive there.


How the heck do you beat out Beni’s jumping C+D?


Umm, dp+p with Kyo? :wgrin:


Kyo/Kusanagi dp+C…Athena crystal bit. If he’s throwing it out from full screen just run under it.


Has Dakou ever gotten into 2k2 or any other KOF games? I would assume he got into UM but I only ever see 98 vids of him.


I heard Dakou and Xiaohai used to play kof2002…but I have yet to see any videos.


Problem is I use Kim, Vanessa, Kula/O. Chris. The dps either go right past him or get snuffed out. Wish there were more Beni players.


With Vanessa, just teleport out of the way, dp+A might work too. With Kim, you will either trade or get beat if you flash kick it, and his super will trade or win. Honestly I haven’t seen Benimarus use jump CDs much as it isn’t that great.

Come play me on 2df sometime…but after 6pm.


Yeah, actually, Beni’s jump CD is not too good in air-to-air battles.


His jump C is though D:


I use MAME32k, I see GodWeapon a ton, but never 2df. Thought it got taken down.



2DF and GGPO are entirely different from Kaillera. Kaillera is garbage compared to these, no input delay.


Can’t do ggpo atm then. Been having trouble port forwarding.


Got it to run but can’t seem to get the right bin files. Might need your help with those.


What’re some Whip strats? All I know is the following:

-air D beats a lot of stuff for short jumps
-air C is great cross-up
-HCB moves suck
-good ol’ B, B, d+B, to super or HCF+A/C
-air C+D is decent but jumping back C+D is pretty good
-D, f+A series is safe

No idea what else. Been trying her out since im bored of using the same chars all the time. Any help?

BTW Emil, no matter how much I search, I cannot find a single rom that allows me to play in 2df. Is it possible to send it through AIM or something?


She is my main…check out the wiki, I wrote up some stuff (though it’s incomplete). An important thing to know is that her CD is invincible during most of the move, and it has complete invincibility during it’s recovery frames, until it recovers (meaning you will never be hit during it’s recovery unless it’s a throw).


Anyone who still plays this other than emil do 2df? It’s pretty good aside from the hosting issue and the occaisional insane lag from playing malaysians.


i’m on 2df almost daily