Kof 94 AI?

I was trying kof94 against cpu but how to beat the game (1 credit of course)?

AI seems very doped. It basically reacts to each attack I do, with a counter move or either blocking + throwing, It also evades some pokes.

I’m feeling like the only way is waiting for the AI to move, but it even dash + throw!

And it’s not like the first level it’s easier like in the other fighters. Sometimes the first opponent beates all my players in a row!! King for example with his kick moves destroys me, I hate that fucking bitch she’s broken.

Any hints?

I haven’t played in quite sometime but I don’t think I ever beat Rugal in KOF 94. :sad:

Rugal in '94:

First form is susceptible to cheap throws. Jump in with a light attack, somewhat early and throw him when you land.

After this, his second form can be beaten by stalling until he charges his Maximum bar, then comboing him while he is charging.

There are plenty of Youtube movies that show this step by step.

lol i taught i justed flat out sucked when playing this game.

i was like wtf 98 is easy and ngbc is really easy but i was wtf i have it one easy.

I can’t remember, I’m not sure… I played KOF94. long ago time.
I’ve KOF 95 is pretty tough. Finally I beat Rugal is a bastard!
98 is easy.

I can’t waiting, SNK Classic game Neo Geo on PS2. It’s has KOF94 in SNK Classic game.

Rugal is easy as hell to beat with Terry when he goes into his 2nd stage.

If I remember right, do a Burn Knuckle about mid-screen distance, Rugal will do his kick move, whiff badly, and take the knuckle. Repeat.


This. I think I remember doing it by doing a short jump punch, then throw while he’s blocking. I think.

Welcome to old SNK nightmarish-AI.

SS 2, WH 2, KOF '94, AOF 2…all give me nightmares. :sad:

with all the 3 hit stun combos and infinites in this game its even easier to beat this game in 1 credit. i ussually beat the game in 1 credit, or lose against rugal at times. though i hardly play this game. of the first 3 kofs (94, 95, 96) 95 is the one i like best personally. one of the reasons i harldy play 94 is to blamed on 95. also, back in 94 i didnt even like kos94 that much, me an my friends where mostly playing SSII back then. this was the shit till kof95 came out.

Art of Fighting 2 had the potential to be DA SHIT…but the AI ruins it.

Pretty much every fighting game made before 1996 has this kind of ultra cheap AI.

KOF 96 was probably the first game where you could actually get to the last boss using only one credit.

Beating him was another story though.