Kof 94 Rebout Canned

At work we just got an email saying the US version of Kof 94 rebout coming out for xbox was just canceled.
My boss says it’s due to SS sales being so low that SNK said fuck the US market

Please someone tell me this is just a bad joke.

Well if it is a joke then time to get a modded Ps2…

I can see why SS sales we so low…when you got Tenka-import that you can get which is hella better IMO I would rather get that than settle for V.

And yes yes yes I know b4 you come out with the flames “support the scene” but it has XBOX Live…yes yes yes I know…but still…

After seeing this announcement what other options are there???

See above.

If that is the reason then it’s pretty hilarious seeing as V had already received an upgrade and was about to receive a sequel by the time it was released in the US. I like SNK but that’s some seriously stupid logic - then again, I’ve never really seen any indication that SNKP USA have a clue what they’re doing.

It’s too bad SNK’s execs aren’t able to comprehend that Americans aren’t a bunch of isolated morons. Do they honestly think that anyone interested enough to buy any SNK game doesn’t know enough to realize that what we get are overpriced, old versions of games that Japan has had access to for years? And in the case of SSV, did they really think we wouldn’t already know the game was crap and stay away?

It’s too bad that SNK’s leaders are just too thick-headed to realize that they could make a ton of money by doing timely releases of their top titles in the US, instead of just sending us games that are either bad or have been on all the ROM sites for several years. If this is SNK’s idea of what the American SNK scene should be like, I’ll be damned if I’m going to support it.

I would have bought 5S on the xbox or ps2.

Oh well, I guess it will be a neo geo exclusive… like Real Bout 2 (which I have hehe).

It was only for Xbox anyway

and I’m not sure what’s gonna happened with the other games though

all for 360 I guess

that sucks!

Good, maybe now they’ll focus on releasing -good- games.

Well this sucks. I was relaly looking forward to it.

yeah I know it still uses the 94 engine but it might have been fun to mess around with for a while.

Dude…just get a modded Ps2…the game IMO aint all that…I got it…ask me whatever you want about it…I can tell you…the only thing great about it IMO is the anime intro…it collects dust on my shelf…

I’ve had 94 Rebout for about a good 6-8 months…

haha :rofl: you’re funny…

I think supabeast has this one dead on. SNKP persists in releasing games to the US market years after they’re done and gone in Japan (KoF2k3…In 2005?). Furthermore, it persists in releasing games here that got a chilly reception in Japan (2k3, NeoWave, SS5). Why would we want to play the dregs of SNKP’s lineup, years after everyone else has discarded them?

will the xbox jap ver be out of 94?

oh well fuck 94 get 95! its coming out soon on import! :cool:

Well thats a shame. Looks like i will have to get the import ps2 version. I bet neowave will be canned too.


I mean lets face it, the market SNK USA should be aiming for is the hardcore market…I could see hardcore Neo fans buying the Xbox version just for online play…but when you release an old, outdated, and inferior version of a game, the hardcore market basically shunned it (and with good reason).

So what does that leave? Average Joe gamer is not going to buy SamSho V.

Basically, SNK are idiots and have no idea how to please their fanbase that still supports them.

Still I’d like to see an official announcement on a game site or something before I jumped the gun.

well its been push back month after month so i canceled my preorder and got something else.

Thats what it says on the SNK-P forums. I predict the US side of SNK going bankrupt within the next three months.

Also, when i was at digitallife (electronics expo thingy in NYC) last october, they had a really shitty build of the game that was incredibly slow. Maybe they could never fix it? (yeah right. Bye bye SNK)


king of fighters 94, snk classic?

xbox? live?


xbox live arcade?

classic games?



i think it’ll exceed the 75MB (?) limit that Live Arcade games have…

but WTF, i was actually gonna get this (assuming a cheap release price) just for KoF chronology sake… bleh.

Yet another sign of SNK’s pathetic lack of business sense. Why the hell aren’t they bringing in people with a clue to do console ports? I could understand wanting to keep it in house if they could actually do it right - but SNK has a long history of not even getting load times optimized, which even the worst game companies get right. Given how little translation work needs to be done for these games, it seems like they’d be doing a whole lot better by just outsourcing the entire console side of the company to…anyone with capable console developers.

Yeah it should be noted that most of the Xbox ports are handled by SNKNEOGEOUSA (lol couldn’t just use SNKP USA eh?) and not by SNKP Japan. Then again, if it’s not an AW port or remake, SNKP Japan can do shitty ports as well.