KOF 95 matches

:wonder: I haven’t played KOF seriese on my opion, but I did at least got svc Chaos. I know it seems a stupid game but hey. It’s better than nothing at all.

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The artwork for KOF2001 is incredible.

Oh! I got some for my wall paper! :bgrin:

Post that stuff in a KOF thread.How you going to make another thread back to back?Last thing we needs is a KOF match thread.blah

English next time.


:confused: Uh… what do you mean?

Or better yet, come join my At The Eye of The Ragin Storm thread for all SNK news in general, you’ll get less haters from you that way…post this up in there and come join our growing SNK family.

And oh yeah, alow me to take that red dot off your reputation for you.