Kof 96


Since there is no thread about this game i thought to open one :rofl:
I really like this game, it has wonderful backgrounds, great music, great chars selection, that piece of crap of Goenitz [ i still cant beat him at level 4 difficulty :rofl: ]!
I know that it has a lot of problems and it’s quite broken [ especially when u go MAX ] but i really like it.
Moreover there is Krauser selectable… :tup:
Anyway, my team is this:
Ralf,Choi,Krauser or Athena [ man her air QCB + P does a lot of damage even if the enemy is blocking] ,Ralf,Krasuer
Sometime i pick instead of Athena or Ralf, Mature.

Any suggestion for my chars?and what about Joe?how is he in this game?
Do you play this game or just avoid it? :lol:


96 was the first KoF I played, played it on PSX which had the arrange sound track, getting me both into KoF and KoF music at the same time.

I usually play Leona, Mature and (Geese/Kasumi/Mai), been playing this emulated on my DS at work on my breaks… I love 96! :smiley:


Yeah I like Leona too but cant use her properly :


In my opinion, this is the first good KOF. Both 94 and 95 were clunky for me. The fact that it also the only one to have the Boss team for the longest time made it special.


Yeah, the only one with a Boss Team [KOF98UM doesnt count], and what a team!
I dont really like either Mr Big and Geese but Krauser is my GOD ahah
Pity that there is not so much ppl playing it :frowning:


horrible, unfinished game

people who enjoy this like the 1P aspect of it, because the game is fucking broken beyond belief in 2P. When Iori’s A DP does 5-6 block ticks and is completely safe outside of the corner, you know your game has problems.

also [media=youtube]FbpXplP_WFE[/media]


kof96 gameplay in a nutshell:

-CD everything

-b+BC whenever your opponent has meter.

-use Mature


At times I wonder about some of you and how you play this.


I’ve only played this single player, but as far as presentation and aesthetics go, I really enjoyed '96. It was quite a change from what I expected coming from '94 and '95.

brothersbogard has a playlist of about 40 Vs. matches in this game. They’re pretty entertaining to watch.



a little broke,uh?
anyway i dont use Iori eheh
I like the 1P aspect but Goenitz is too fucking strong, once i tried 1 hour to beat him and couldnt make it -__-

@Remxi: thx for link, i will watch them :]


Hey everyone! Since some people here like KOF 96 I’ve decided to share some of my pro-est strategies with you all!

Note that these tactics and strategies are for pro players only. If you can not get these to work, then you need to practice more.

A DP whenever they get close! 5-6 block ticks FOR FREE, unless they’re in the corner!
hcb+K is free on block too!
Advanced Strategy: standing C xx hcf+C (command grab), dashing standing C xx hcf+C, etc! Infinite!

Standing CD
If opponent gets near you, standing CD
If opponent has you in attack string, mash on standing CD
If opponent isn’t doing anything, standing CD
Advanced Strategy: Mature rushdown! Hop B, standing CD xx qcb+K! Who can stop this?

Lay down (qcb+K), inch up to your opponent, press u+D to kick them. They may try to sweep you, in which case kick earlier! (note: Iori, Mr. Big, and a few other chars counter this strategy hardcore, so be careful!)

qcb+P all day!
Advanced Strategy: qcb+P can be cancelled into dp+P! Can you master the timing?
If these strategies fail and your life hits red, Haohshokohken all day!

C Cheezeball (charge b, f+C) is really good, use it a lot. Some small characters can crouch it tho so be careful (I don’t know what else to write I hate Leona in every game she’s in)

hcf+D, qcf+P finisher does nearly 35% damage on its own! (45% or so on MAX)! Add it to a combo, and that’s a spicy meatball!
He has a dodge for some reason, done by pushing B+C+D. Dodge into hcf+D to victory!

Jumping C hits three (3!) times! Jump around and crossup your opponent with it and you can hit-confirm into immediate tornado spin thing (charge down, up + C)! Note: this does hella hits and builds up their MAX bar so be sure to taunt cancel that shit dowwwwn

Turtle and throw slow blitzballs all day! Rolls are garbage in this game so they can’t get past it!
If they wise up and jump over a blitzball, meet them in the air with a jump CD! Drop kick!
If this strategy fails and your lifebar somehow reaches the red, proceed to do Kaiser Waves over and over!

Mr. Big
Jump CD is good instant overhead. But he doesn’t have much of a low game so uhhhhhh

Other chars
who gives a shit, this post is already more effort than this game deserves


If someone is retarded enough to let you get meter, he has an EZ max infinite. jumping c is all you need.

Mai can aerial turtle like fucking crazy. Since only pros play 96 you should be able to figure this out on your own.

Mr Big
big also has CRY WOLF which is quick as shit. His super comes out in like under 10 frames. Stand CD has UNDICULOUS range.

good mixup on opponent oki is to run up to them and walk back and forth a ton, followed up by either qcb slaher, cd or throw. Shit is ridic.

Oh yeah, if you’re mature make SURE you have at least one char with a GROUND FB because if they pick chin it’s free as shit.

has the best autoguard game, only Kasumi (lol) comes close.

Can’t believe you forgot
With her HCB slaps bullshit. just mash that out and you’re good to go with her

why are people actually wanting to level up in this garbage?


ahahah lol u guys sure hate this game ahah
i dont want to level up in this game but i find it very funny when everybody starts spam their own DM thx to the red life thing ahah
I mean with Krauser or Ryo is a spam fest lol
Thx for the suggestions, i will try those!


The game is awesome, still one of my favourites :smiley:


Leona can crossup with V-Slasher in this, afaik the only game which she can. I wouldn’t mind seeing it return…


Robert can also spam that Ryuko Ranbu in the red like WHOA! Don’t stick out a limb, or you’re gonna get fucked. :wasted:


yeah also Robert can do that… the Trio spam fest xD




Honestly I don’t even hate it as much as I just find it bad. I wouldn’t play it occasionally if I HATED it. It’s too bad SNK didn’t finish this game because… this game and 2001 helped give SNK a bad (almost irreversible) rep in America. It doesn’t help that a good amount of the posts in this subforum are so fucking retarded :confused:


Yeah maybe i used the word “hate” in a wrong way,sorry.
Anyway i find it a decent game, not good but not that bad, it has his own problems (big ones :rofl: ) but at least in my case i find always ppl who dont know this game really well, so the matches are funny. :rofl: