KOF 98 Anyone?

Anyone play this game? I’m kind of in the mood to get a few games. Ideally I want to use one of the older emulators, post here and I’ll send it to you since it has better controls. If theres enough interest in this game, we can even play 6p…those are always the most fun.

I’m always up for some '98. I’m not really that good, but that doesn’t stop me, :P.

Sure why not? :tup:

Haha…my computer won’t turn on. It’s under warranty so I’m sending it back today to repair it. I probably can’t play for a week or two now though. Posting from work right now.

Serpent which emulator are you talking about? Mame32k may 3rd?

Yeah, I think thats the one I have. .60 or something.

send the old version sometime
elmers! you should host some private servers sometime if theres nothing better.
maybe that new kaillera server someone released recently might help alleviate the crappiness thats been going on
Lets start getting some matches up, Im down anytime.

You never answer when I IM you. Again…comp’s dead anyway though (haha, I’m STILL at work…10.5 hour day today w00t). Gimme a week. Maybe we can revive 6ps with this older emu and with this thread. I’ll talk to KFC…I think we can scrounge up the 6. Elmers, you in? I’d like to get as many people as possible.

I cant ever get KOF 98 to work on Mame.

rom issues?

I guess it says its missing something to play it.

I’d be interested in trying out the older em. I think 2k2 pales to 98 anyways.

Well, my comp is back, my net is up…anyone want to get a game? I doubt we can get 6, but everyone is welcome to try.

My computer and pad are back. PM me or respond in this thread…I’ll send you the old mame. I’m rusty and the pad isn’t perfect, Drew was beating me rather often yesterday night in our session. I need the practice on other people to get my timing back.

You sure this older version of MAME controls better?

i want in

So uh, we gonna do this? How about 9PM Eastern tonight? I guess Godweapon 2 server.

PM me if you’re going to play so I can email you the emu.

hi there, im kinda new to this…just wondering if i can play online on a ISDN line?

I have that same problem, the only kof i can get to work on my mame is 02. 97-01 says im missing stuff. I dled every version possible off of rom-world. I dont know what to do.