KoF '98 - Blue Mary


I can’t stop playing as her, but I’m just no good! I mean I can’t seem to use her effectivly like I can Mai, Beni, Rugal, or Kim. My main strategy is wait for an openening and use her… Spider Throw?

I need help! XD


I love KoF 98 but I dont really play to much with Mary, how about if you try Ryo (Hold start version), Iori, Takuma, Terry and Kyo? these 5 characters got my vote for KoF 98 all the time :smiley:


Hmm… well, I’m pretty good with Iori and Kyo, and I’m better with Yuri than Ryo, but… but… BLUE MARY’S SO CUTE!! XD


Blue Mary is a good character but I dont really know how to play “deep” with her…

The Ryo that you are talking about is the normal version or the hold start version?


Hold start version. Hmm… don’t think I’ve really played as regular very often, unless it was by accident.