Kof 98: Ralfs Strategy + need help

Hello. My first post here so I’m kind a newb. I and my friends have recently found out that there exists such thing as arcade games emulation. We recalled that it was very fun to play kof 97/98 eight years ago, while we still were teenagers. So we’ve decided to fight each others again just for the old times nostalgia. Sad to be old. :sad: As I played with Ralf 8 years ago, I chose him this time too and started to train. It was hard at first to do any dm/sdm with keyboard but I managed to learn. I’ve beaten team/single player on expert, but I can’t beat survivor even how hard I try. If I can’t beat computer, I’ll probably suck playing with human too. There are two main chars which I can’t beat properly (get too much damage or timeout with lower hp): Goro and Yashiro. There are more which are problematic but these two are main. I can’t attack Goro except low C, otherwise he just grabs me -> game mostly over. Yashiro just turtles (db crouches, If I jump, I get some sort of uppercut (sorry, if wrong term), if I roll, he does low D while I’m rising up). I manage to throw him sometimes, but not always and these tries to get near him cost me a lot of hp.
Any suggestions how to fight them. Would be grateful for ANY Ralf’s strat posted here. Are there any combos/chains (dunno the difference)? Until now, I haven’t heard any, but maybe…

My friends played with Athena, Benimaru, Kim and Joe (their main chars, we all had our ones). The one with Athena was pretty good in Kof 97, always tried to keep me away and attacked me with some sort of fireballs from the sky which even blocked took great deal of damage. Any tips against them or any other char are also welcome, cause I don’t know what they’ll chose this time.

I have read some theory about fighting, but how do I find out which move has a better priority than other. Is this priority list is constant or priority changes depending on the situation? We all relied on quick fingers rather on theory cause we didn’t own this game just played at the arcade.

Thank you. Sorry for mistakes.

Well, not necessarily. Fighting the cpu is about exploiting AI patterns, and generally a lot of turtling. Since the CPU can react in one frame to most of your attacks, it is definitely not like fighting a human player.

With Ralf? You have to use his great pokes. Crouch C, far C, vertical high jump C, hop D and stand CD are all great normals for Ralf And if you keep getting hit by Yashiro “uppercuts”, you are probably not jumping right. Firstly, don’t do it so predictably, mix it up with those high priority pokes. And I’d practice hopping and hyper hopping.

Eh, if someone is spamming Athena’s super from the air, then you should be punishing that with a hard combo since it’s recovery is fairly bad.

Depends on the hitbox of the attack at the given frame of impact, as well as things like invincibility frames.

This is how you use Ralf…


Try to understand why he does what he does…and if you don’t, then post what you don’t understand.

Superb. Very impressive video. One of the best I’ve seen. Being inexperienced, I can’t concentrate 100 % (too much entertaining to watch) which move follows which, but I’ll try. One question: the last kick (Ralf’s kick) was done in anticipation of Iori’s fireball (mind game) or somehow made in the air?

Another very good video I have seen is this:[media=youtube]3l5DaK3awHY[/media]

But what to do when enemy turtles like Ralf against Choi in part1 of my link?

So as I understand Ralf’s (s)dm’s are useless? Even that horse mounted punch?
Too risky or to much lag time to recover? What about Ralf kick? I’ve seen it’s very effective against computer, plus critical property helps. Is it too easy to block and then punish for human players?

I don’t really understand your question. In the very end of that round, he probably did anticipate a fireball and did a hyper hop D. However, if Iori did anything else, it would have still probably been a good choice anyway.

You mean what should Ralf do? That Choi would be very hard to beat…just don’t get frustrated and wait for him to make some mistakes…possibly a predictable jump attack that you can air to air, or get him trapped into a corner, then predict his attempt to escape.

In combos, the DMs (qcf hcb+P and qcb hcf+K) can do a reasonable amount of damage, but I wouldn’t use them otherwise. And the ralf kick is not used in high level play because it’s not going to hit anyone…

I mean what should Ralf do when enemy is defensive turtler and he waits for your mistakes not you?