KOF 98 ReBout?

This is all speculation, so take it with a bucket of salt.

Some of you remember that last year SNKP released a game called “KOF 94 ReBout” (soon coming for XBox in the US). It was a tenth year commemorative game. The first time KOF94 was ported. A special occasion. So, they cleaned the graphics, making them 640x480 resolution (see comparison here), added the AST from the Neo CD version (and playable Saisyu), and made some optional 3D backgrounds.

Now, some of you also remember that some compilations were announced. AOF, Fatal Fury, Last Blade, World Heroes, you name it. Included in those compilations were two KOF ones:

KOF Orochi - KOF 95, 96, 97.
KOF Nests - KOF 98, 99, 2000.

You could see those compilations even in the official “Online” site of SNKP and press releases. It was not a misprint or anything.

Back then some people were like “Wha? The Nests saga includes 98 but not 2001?”

Well, guess what? The Nests compilation has been changed, and KOF 98 has been left out. So (and this is where you pick up your buckets), could it be that theyre releasing 98 by itself?

Could it be that theyre going to do something more with 98?

Doing a “ReBout” on 98 would help them a lot. Not only on sales of the favorite KOF of 99% of the players, but also on the fact that, making higher-res versions of the 98 sprites would mean making high-res versions of sprites that could be used on future ports and even arcade versions!

I already have the romz.

I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Just the idea of it is making me drool.

I think SNK just stuffed up. I do like the idea of those characters having 640*480 sprites from now on though.

Haha, yeah I speculated this on S-C.com when it was announced that 98 isnt included in the collections.

I think its a great idea, but maybe they will wait till 2008.

I don’t think that will happen. 94 RB was much easier to hi res because of the relatively low number of frames per character, and the low level of details. 98, well the graphics are more detailled, with more animations, etc. And will all the projects SNKP has right now, I doubt thet have the time to hires an entire game.

Still, there’s hoping…

How about MOTW Re-Bout? Heck, just call it KOF '06, I’ll be happy…

The only thing I’d want for 98 is this

Eiji, Kasumi, Mr Big, Geese, and Krauser…

complete the set.

Wouldn’t be that hard to give any of them 2nd DMs, and maybe a command normal for the bosses.

Best idea ever, now I don’t have to buy those ugly stepchildren of KOF err the NESTS collection. :tup:

Great idea,as long as they don’t mess it up. Make the game hi-res really beautiful,more bosses,more characteres,more backgrounds,canceling ala 2k2,more muscic AST,endings,and you have the best KOF EVER!!.

making them hi res is difficult??? :clap:
some of you people are on some serius crack i tell ya

the only thing they did to kof94 was apply some filters similar like the truckloads of filters available for emulators to make the graphics look better (example: Max steping HQ filters, see nebula or FBA) and added 3d backgrounds.

Sounds good, but well just another rumor … Anyway, I would buy it for sure, if also some extras will be included.

You have never even seen ReBout. Filters dont add eyes, mouths, facial expressions and so on. Use your brain, please. Its pretty obvious that after using a filter they re-touched and re-drew a LOT of stuff.

yeah i know they retouched them a lil bit after applying some filters. but seriusly check out the HQ FBA and nebula filters on games like kof2002 and samsho 5 special they look pretty good to me. requires lots of PC power though

KOf 94 used filters? even better because I didn’t like those simple re-touched images.For 98 they should really re-work the sprites.

I imported 94 Rebout a while back, and seriously, its not just filters.

They touched up/edited every frame of every character to give the frames much more detail and clarity.

There really is a lot of difference and if this or a better treatment was done for 98, the game would be beautiful.

They can do all they want to it. Just as long as they have an OG version of KOF 98’ with selectable AST, then I’m alright.

Then need to make a few tweaks and then if they re-released 98 it could possibly be the next huge game. Since nothing else is released, I could see everyone playing it.

  1. Loosen the strictness of the controls. 98 is like ST where motions need to be more precise, and in 98 I think DMs tend to be harder to do than they should be. It’s not too big of a problem, but it would probably encourage more newbies to jump in if it was looser.

  2. Ratchet up the speed. This is the only weakness 98 really has in my opinion. The 98 speed is on 1, there should be two other options on it, speed 2 and 3. 2 would be 2k2 type speed, and 3 would be I guess GGXX type speed, or Marvel type speed. I think you’d be able to inject even more excitement this way.

  3. Improve the graphics a bit. I don’t care too much about this, but some nice filters, maybe redrawn higher res sprites, and this game could graphically be on the level that they can be taken seriously as a 2005 or 2006 game.

You do those 3 things, and my personal pick for greatest fighting game of all time might actually get the respect it deserves. 98 is truly the most amazing game ever released because of the sheer number of engine possibilities that were created, without balance issues. The character balance is also amazing, to the point that I don’t think anything needs to be changed. Maybe Iori can be toned down a little, but it’s definitely not nessecary.

It’s all a pipedream though, I doubt it will ever happen, and the fighting game community that’s left probably won’t give it a chance anyway.

Those would make great bonus options.

They could have a graphics filter like the one used for KOF Neowave on PS2 - you can adjust the characters to 6 different degrees AND you had the option of “filter on” or “filter off”. Even an option for a “touched-up frame” mode would be nice for a "KOF 98’ REBOUT.

Speed - While I think the speed for KOF 98’ is perfect (that’s just me), maybe a speed option would be nice.

Controls - you could get “normal/arcade” or “Long” options.

Again, just as long as they leave an “untouched” version of the game available, everything else would be bonus.

'98 Arcade isn’t very strict at all. I believe the Dreamcast version has notoriously strict controls for some reason, though.

I don’t know. One of the reason I like '98 so much is the very solid pace it runs in. Adding a turbo mode to a game that doesn’t exactly have that many frames to begin with would be kind of weird IMO.

Hi-res fa sho.

Goro is scarier than Iori, by the by. I’d rather fight Iori than Goro for sure, but Iori is pretty elite. And yes, '98 is fun and balance rolled into a package of fucking elite.

…Yes, this is an old thread, but it got linked, so might as well breathe some life into it now that we know almost for certain that '98 will be getting Rebout treatment or better.