KOF 98 resources?


I’m just getting into the series and starting with 98. I’m having trouble finding info beyond very basic stuff.

Is there any site with more detailed info like character strategies, match-ups, combos, etc.?


SRK wiki, while not frequently updated, should still be good.


I also visit Orochinagi and Dreamcancel:


For matchvids, there’s Emil’s account.


Thanks. I’m surprised how obscure this game is in the U.S. given how good it is. The only site I’ve found with some match-up insight is GameFAQs.




Who the hell wrote the character intros in the srk wiki? Weird sense of humor, especially for chris.
“Chris was actually born at the beginning of time, beginning as a cosmic entity that ages in reverse. Back in the 80s he had a pretty wicked cocaine problem, but he’s past that now. Chris was previously the official poster child for NAMBLA during 1997-1998 before Bao took over the position in 1999. All that man-on-boy love gave Chris super powers, making him top tier even when he isn’t using them.”