KOF 98 vs KOF 99


I always turn off strikers and all of the bars in 2000 and it feels amazing to play.

KoF '99 completely ruined several characters and core mechanics for the sake of change. Also, the good KoFs make the glitches almost impossible to trigger. However, a KoF game not having glitches does not equate to it being a good KoF.

KoF 2001 I would not touch with a ten foot pole.


Moral of story; Every KOF of NESTS saga was utter trash.
Infinites, bugs, mechanics, terrible nerfs/buffs, half-done characters… you name it


You don’t like strikers no problem but others like this and prefer kof with strikers that without strikers ^^

You cannot just compare kof 99 characters with kof 98 characters cause there’re no Daimon, Chizuru, O.Chris etc in 99 thus a different metagame. Moreover snk always nerfed/buffed characters from one edition to another (For example Ryuji who was top tier in 97 and is mid tier in kof 98 or Mai who was low-tier in 97 and is top tier in 98, Iori was the best character in 97 and even if he’s always top tier in 98 but nerfed comparing to 97. It’s always like this thus you cannot really complain on it else these would be same characters who would be top tier and low tier in each edition…).

Moreover in kof 98 there’re also infinites combos even if not a lot (Kyo extra, Mai extra, kim in corner, iori with his Kuzu Kaze, Chin Gentsai). Yes they’re hard to do but say that there’re no infintite combos in 98 is thus false…

To the mechanics, they change always from one edition to another and proof of that is that a player can be very good in a kof and bad to an other (the famous Xiaohai is very good in 98 but bad in 97, not even in top 10 china and bad also in 2002). In kof 96 you could lower opponent’s meter by doing taunt etc


I feel like I have had this conversation before. Not sure how the reply has anything to do with my post. However, I will gladly admit to loving KoF '96 (excluding Iori’s team in that installment and the stupid recurring idol gag disrespecting the name of a Greek goddess).


I’d like to start by saying that I’ve never had an infinite done on me in kof98, nor did I ever land one vs a human player. And that’s coming from someone who has been reading/watching/playing/involved for years.
No one here is suggesting that kof98 is free of shenanigans. It has its share of infinites, but the game still feels balanced compared to other iterations, even the newer ones.

First off, Iori doesn’t have a Kozukaze infinite in kof98. That’s in kof96 kof97 kof2002.

In Kim’s case, Personally I find great difficulty doing his stomp infinite and corner juggles. The stomp infinite, which is also in kof99 kof2000 kof2002, requires immense execution and for you to have virtually 0 meter. The other one you have to be close to corner, land a high counterhit at the right elevation, cancel into the right version of Hishou Kykaku and hope it juggles (because sometimes it doesn’t), start the second HK right and keep going. Then you also have to be aware of corner differences (doing it at 1P’s side is not the same as doing it at 2P’s). Simply put, it’s hard to start but easy to drop.
If you take into account Kim’s placement in the tier list and how unlikely you are to face a good Kim player, then the chances of you experiencing any of his infinites are extremely slim. Everything said here applies to Athena and Vice’s corner juggles.
As a side note, Xiaohai made a gag video about this in his channel. It doesn’t matter if he’s doing it with one hand, we all know how good his execution is.

What about Chin Suikan Kanou cancel? I mean have you ever seen it done outside of those old dusty tool assisted combo videos? The difficulty on this is far greater than that of Kim stomp. If memory serves me right it only works against Chang.

Moving on to Extra mode, honestly there’s nothing to complain about. During all these years, did any Extra player win a tournament? Nope.
Going Extra means you can’t tech a throw, can’t micro/stutter step, can’t chase down a whiffed special/super, are limited in terms of meter, etc etc. So really you’re putting yourself at disadvantage for some scrub infinite that can be dealt with easily. Any good player knows how to shut Extra players down with pokes, throws, and keeping a high guard. There’s less incentive to use Extra, hence the low number of EX players.

Infinites in 98 are situational and technical, and like one guy said, just another layer to strategy. Can’t say the same for the striker games. They’re just straight up broken and in a number of ways.

In kof99 kof2000, infinites are a common sight. You can pull an infinite right off the bat. It’s just a matter of who lands the first hit or jump in.
A simple BnB, Into an OTG with your striker, into another BnB and a DM as a finish, bam! there goes their point character. You don’t even need resources because by the time you start the second BnB you build meter to use in the combo. Meter is an easy resource to build and exchange for strikers. Tell me how’s that not cheap?
Moreover, there’s characters that can pull really ridiculous combos regardless of meter, such as Jhun with his air stomp, Kim, Kensou, Athena, Bao, Takuma, and the list goes on. I don’t even need to link to any videos, everything’s out there.

Balance wise, I haven’t been invested in 99/2000 as much as I did 98, all I know is that they did some terrible changes for no obvious reason. Some previously mid tier characters were shot dead in these installments. All the while buffing characters like Iori, Kyo, Beni.
I main Ryo in 98, he’s utter trash in 99. Completely butchered. Why? It’s not like he was doing well in 98. Ever since 99 Ryo hasn’t been the same. I also like to play Leona every once and a while… They nerfed her too. That new dash ruined her game. Makes no sense.

Let’s discuss bugs in 99/2000… or maybe not. Lol please don’t get me started. The bugs in 98 don’t really affect the game much, if not at all.
Contrary to the common belief, Daimon Jiraishin plays aren’t bugs, they’re setups, and were even listed in an official mook along with unblockable fireballs as legitimate tactics.

When it comes to playing kof seriously, running an event, or planning a meeting, it has to be something with history like kof98.
with that said, this is just my personal opinion. Not trying to shit on anybody’s game. I play Tetris, shooters, PS1 titles, anything to pass time and have fun. I play kof94 & kof95. In fact I play many games as pastime, and if I ever met someone and they tell me to play kof99 just for laughs and giggles, I’d gladly play it.


In kof 99 except with Kensou and Jhun, all others infinites are also situational like in kof 98. In kof 2000 except with Joe striker, dong Hwan striker and also Jhun, all others infinites are also situational like in kof98…Kyo extra infinite kof 98 isn’t situational since the chinese players banned it in their tournaments (the country where there are the best players in the world whatever you say). Some extra players could win at least a tournament (especially Xiaotou) if Kyo infinite was allowed…Moreover more of 90% people use advanced mode thus the chances that an extra player wins a tournament are necessarily thin.

For Ryo kof 98 -> kof 99, he gets buffs and nerfs boths i think (i play both often) :

  • his far b is slower but with a little more reach and same priority
  • his hop D permits to manage easier opponent’s Hyper Hop / Super Jump and Ryo gets always his C jump-in which has always been more useful than his jump-in D anyway (in kof 98 also).
  • his qcb.P is better in kof 99 than in kof98 clearly.
  • his parries who can help to surprise a little
    After yes you cannot stun opponent with his sdm qcf*2.P but I almost want to say happily cause he might be too good in red health (above all meters does not work the same way compared to kof 98)

Leona is better in kof 99 than kof 98 cause :

  • rdp.K is unblockable when it hits
  • she can build meter without fear with her rdp.K although (including while she is doing her new dash). In kof 98 you cannot do it cause her (b) f + P can be hitted by low attacks and her qcb+K can be countered…
  • her (d) u + A is harder to punish
  • they deteled her shitty qcb+P from kof 98 that you could use without wanting to…
  • With her qcf*2.P, you can damage more of 80% (dm) and more of 90% (sdm) on Benimaru (the most played character in kof 99), that you can use safely with Clark striker , which obviously gives a good niche to Leona…

Her real problem is that they changed her run stance (you can not run under the balls except with
(b) f + K) but honestly I do not see any other…

But like i say it’s impossible to compare kof 98 characters and kof 99 characters cause top tiers characters in kof 98 like Chris/O.Chris, Daimon, Chizuru, O.Yashiro, O.Ryo aren’t in kof 99…

Daimon’s earthquake is considered like a bug (even by chinese players cause they ban it in their tournaments also).
Chinese players banned floating bugs also like Shermie’s bug for example (who’s is very useful in matches) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FymgT_x1ns. In kof 99 there’re no bugs of this kind who’s banned cause not so useful… In kof 2k i don’t know.

I understand that people like kof 98 but imo kof 98 isn’t perfect (no kof and even no games in the world is perfect anyway)


King of Fighters 99’ Dream Match was my first KOF title to the series on the Sega Dreamcast. That long anime intro was really memorable.


I played 97 and 98 only before (in about 1999). I played kof 99 much later (in about 2007). I have always played almost all kof versions without asking myself the question of which is the best…For that I make sure to list the positives of each version, especially since there is always a context when a kof arrives (snk created kof 98 when they weren’t in bankrupt but they were starting to be in bankrupt from 1999…And it’s maybe why they just created striker in 99 : to innovate and stand out from capcom because capcom was shading them …And this is also one of reasons why they deteled fireballs of characters in kof 96, to stand out from capcom). When i see people who go down kof 14…I want to say , it’s been 6 years since snk had not released an arcade kof. They try always to go out of their bankrupt whatever we say. It certainly takes time. Actually kof isn’t favorite game (tired of this game) but…


KoF '99: Dream Match is a misleading title as it is KoF '98, but the intro is impressive.


Yeah. I was reading that up! Thank you for the clarification. Now I really want to boot the Dreamcast for old time sake.