KOF 98UM Final Edition?

What is the inside story on this one? I love KOF 98UM on Xbox, but what is this edition supposed to address?

itll probably be a port of 98um hero to nesica

Anyone get the 98 Hero rom yet? Let’s get it on FBA and GGPO this mother.

KOF98UM could not beat KOF98 Vanilla in the arcades because it is unbalanced

So SNKP will try again to level the characters with Final Edition

Did you suddennly forget about Vanilla Daimon & Chizuru

Vanilla is not perfect, but it is much better than KOF98UM

And I have not even quoted the new created Bugs …

Fuckin’ seriously…?

5 char top tier > 2 char top tier


KOF 98: Ultimate Match

SSS Tier: Krauser, (Ex) Geese, Iori
SS Tier: Chris (Orochi), Geese, Choi
S Tier: Daimon, Terry (Both), Saisyu, Takuma
A Tier: Brian, Ryo, King (Both), Chris, Yashiro (Orochi), Athena, Mr. Big
B Tier: Kim, Mature, Yamazaki (both), Yuri (Ex), Benimaru, Kagura, Ryo (Ex), Robert, Kyo (Ex), Heidern
C Tier: Kasumi, Yuri (Normal), Leona, Eiji, Yashiro, Mai (Both), Mary (Both), Joe (Both), Kyo, Ralf
D Tier: Clark, Heavy D!, Chang, Robert (Ex), Vice, Billy (Both), Andy (Both), Shermie
E Tier: Shermie (Orochi), Shingo, Lucky
Missing Tier: Rugal, Chin, and Kensou

KOF 98: The Slugfest

S Class: Kyo, Goro, Chizuru, Iori
A Class: Benimaru, Robert, Ralf, Chang, Yashiro (Orochi), Chris, Chris (Orochi)
B Class: Kyo (95) , Terry, Joe, Yashiro, Takuma
C Class: Ryo, Clark, Kensou, Yamazaki, Mary, Mature
D Class: Terry (Alt) * , Ryo (Alt) , Leona, Athena, Chin, Mai , Mai (Alt) , King, Choi, Kim, Shermie, Vice, Shingo, Saishu
E Class: Robert (Alt) , Yuri, Heavy D
F Class: Andy, Yuri (Alt) , Billy, Heidern, Brian, Rugal
G Class: Andy (Alt) , Joe (Alt) , Billy (Alt) , Shermie (Orochi), Lucky

Heavy D and O Shermie are really that low?

People should stop to fucking base opinions on tier list, even though one game had only 2 two SSS characters doesn’t hide the fact in 98 UM, the rest of the characters had way more chances than frginn chizuru, goro, kyo, orochi chris and Iori in 98

the low tiers have a way better time fighting tops in og98 than 98um. same reason msp is manageable by low tiers in marvel but scrub is not. its not about relative power its about match ups

Good analogy.

I beg to differ…

Og 98 was pretty brutal if you had to face a good Iori or Chizuru with someone like Lucky or Brian.

UM made the worst characters that much better where they could at least compete. Rugal and Brian pretty much shot up out of nowhere in the whole spectrum of things.

And that list up there is too damn big. SSS…really?

both lucky and brian have good normals, and good normals are useful vs rushdown characters. krauser or ex geese however, do not give a fuck how good your normals are. those 2 are harder match ups for those 2 characters than any of those that exist in og98

I’ll give you Lucky but a good Brian can rape all but the most sound Krausers. Lucky has it easier vs Ex Geese though.

Hopefully I can get XTG to play 98um so we can record some matchup specific stuff.

Yes, I’ve seen both of those tier lists before, and the KOF 98UM one is still idiotic.
There’s no such thing as “SSS” tier in that game, and even if there was, the relative difference between the top and bottom in KOF98UM is pretty much the same as regular 98.
I’m not saying 98UM is perfectly balanced, but if anybody thinks regular 98’ is that much better then they’re a fucking twit.

Fucking Choi is that high in 98UM? FUCKING CHOI?!:mad:

Wait wait… why am I getting mad? I don’t play anyone in that game anyway.

i think in kof in general like many games the tiers are more based off of individual strengths and weaknesses while games like sf are more based off of individual matchup charts, simply because the system is so flexible. Of course individual matchups do play a role in tiers but not to the same degree.

I do wanna play O. Yashiro VS KOF 98 UM Top Tier just for matchup experience/study.