KOF 98UM Final Edition?


Why wouldn’t the Ultimate system be allowed? It’s in the arcade version.

Ever wonder why some characters can run AND charge up meter manually? That’s why.


How do you map buttons?

And yes, online is terrible


How do you think you map the buttons? You click the damn boxes.


I might give this whirl one day


KOF98FE on Steam will NOT…repeat WILL NOT be implementing rollback netcode.
the dev has stated they will be using, lmao, input delay.

that’s a 100% no buy for me.

no thanks to the hellish frustrations of garbage netcode. I regret my KOFXIII and ULTRA SF4 purchases on steam.
not making those mistakes again.


Those who purchase KOF98FE (pre order and you can save!) let me know how the netcode is. No rollback is very disappointing however. I would be on it in a heartbeat if it used GGPO. So would a ton of people.


lets give a chance to the game! i will buy KOf98UMFe. let´s try


Bump, anyone try the steam release yet? Netcode?


downloading right now




I actually did prepurchase this game, there are so many KOFs and this is often cited as the Mt Everest of the series, the greatest one. I’ve never owned any version of 98, and my only experience is playing the original '98 a few times on GGPO. Any advice or sources of information/tutorials would be very welcome. Advanced, extra, ultimate mode…all the characters and system mechanics it seems will take awhile to get a grasp on.


apparently the beta that Code Mystics put out seems to be pretty decent in terms of fixing things. I haven’t tried online play yet but will be going to a local tourney in Jan.


Really really really loving this! Trying to get my friends to buy it.


I just played it online for the first time today. 1st guy was 215 ping, it was actually quite playable but lag noticeable. 2nd guy was 100 ping and while not GGPO or anything like that, it was better than SFIV (Before it was ruined with steam covnersion).

The game itself is absolutely incredible, I hardly know what I’m doing and still having a blast.


Anyone know how to switch between moving from the background to the foreground, like in Fatal Fury?


That doesn’t exist in any KoF ever.


Ok, thanks I learned the difference between all of the modes, I believed I saw that in a gamplay video or trailer with Yuri before that’s why


Yes, I own that game in my steam library, and yes, I am not very good at it. But I can try to play through said game. Steam name is KOManiacJim.


Trying to find a match is a pain I can’t find anybody, why developers keep using this retarded system why can’t I choose who I want to play Ala GGPO


if you have too much friends that have the game in their,s library you always have people to play this game! i play a lot online. its very good . a ping 70 80 is ok to play