KOF 98UM Final Edition?

Could we get a real translation please?

Very interested in these changes.

A friend of mine was kind enough to help translate this. I’ll just post the IRC log.

[21:56:01] <kyokugen> Early edition of Arcadia, no scanner ?
[21:56:02] <kyokugen> 6x B/W pages of changes
[21:56:02] <kyokugen> In short, Iori and Krauser have been weakened [inferred], and other characters have been made stronger.
[21:56:02] <kyokugen> Attacks which whiff crouchers such as Shermie’s close C, and Billy’s 6A have had their hitboxes strengthened
[21:56:02] <kyokugen> Ralf’s Galtaling attack and Kim’s Ryuuseiraku, Chor’s Shippu Hisshozan, charge attacks, have had their charge times standardised with others
[21:56:03] <kyokugen> Attacks with low invincibility has had their invincible frames increased (eg, U.Mai’s Taiyou no Mai, Lucky’s light (Devils?) Heel, Vice’s Dying (Foetus?))
[21:57:58] <kyokugen> Eiji
[21:57:58] <kyokugen> Weak Kageutsushi (teleport) has had recovery increased)
[21:57:58] <kyokugen> MAX Zantetsu-ha has been made 2 frames [slower??], no invincibility after flash
[21:57:58] <kyokugen> Brian
[21:57:58] <kyokugen> Close C’s first hit has had its hitbox lowered
[21:57:58] <kyokugen> Jump C can be cancelled into air attacks
[21:58:00] <kyokugen> Weak Big Bang Tackle has faster startup
[22:00:51] <kyokugen> Iori
[22:00:51] <kyokugen> Step in extra has had its [???] and distance is now approx the same as Kyo’s
[22:00:51] <kyokugen> Cmd throw has more recovery on hit, dash light attacks -> cmd throw loops doesnt work
[22:06:57] <kyokugen> Krauser
[22:06:58] <kyokugen> Close C has been made 2F slower
[22:06:58] <kyokugen> Far C has damage reduced
[22:06:58] <kyokugen> Far D has damage reduced
[22:06:58] <kyokugen> Ground CD has damage reduced, forward reach decreased
[22:06:59] <kyokugen> Kaiser Duel Sobar has damage decreased, no invin on Strong version, +5F recovery
[22:07:00] <kyokugen> Leg Tomahawk has damage reduced
[22:07:02] <kyokugen> Blitzball has damage reduced, faster startup for Hard versions, Hard versions more recovery
[22:07:04] <kyokugen> Kaiser Wave has damage reduced
[22:07:06] <kyokugen> Unlimited Desire has had recovery frames increased, changed so even if you press buttons at the same time, it will have no effect
[22:08:06] <kyokugen> Kyo (all)
[22:08:06] <kyokugen> Close A recovery decreased by 2F (so close D will link)
[22:08:06] <kyokugen> 2A recovery decreased by 1F
[22:11:48] <kyokugen> Kyo (normal)
[22:11:49] <kyokugen> Aragami damage 10->13, guard point increased by 2F
[22:11:49] <kyokugen> Weak RED kick as soon as he starts his descent, his hitbox has been improved lower (no changes to when he’s dropping)
[22:11:49] <kyokugen> Nuetsumi (counter?) can counter more attacks
[22:13:06] <kyokugen> Kyo (ex)
[22:13:07] <kyokugen> Yamibarai recovery decreased 3F, builds less meter
[22:15:37] <kyokugen> Benimaru
[22:15:38] <kyokugen> Far B damage changed from 4->7
[22:15:38] <kyokugen> HP Raikouken has become a 1 hit attack and can be followed up by putting opponent in float state, does less stun
[22:15:38] <kyokugen> Raikou Katategoma’s startup made 3F faster
[22:15:38] <kyokugen> MAX Raikouken’s recovery decreased [from/to?] 9F
[22:19:13] <kyokugen> Daimon
[22:19:13] <kyokugen> 3C has smaller vulnerable
[22:19:13] <kyokugen> The period you enter the throw range of his backthrow, the ??? throw will succeed? [???]
[22:19:13] <kyokugen> Arashi no Yama - the time of the flash is made on success, increased recovery, damage distribution changed so that 3rd hit does the most damage
[22:22:12] <kyokugen> Geese (normal)
[22:22:12] <kyokugen> Weak Hisho Nichirinzan’s falling attack will hit crouching opponents, landing frames have decreased - same with Hard version
[22:23:14] <kyokugen> Gesse (alt)
[22:23:14] <kyokugen> Raging Storm LP, HP and MAX versions have their inner hitbox widened
[22:34:38] <kyokugen> Yuri (normal)
[22:34:39] <kyokugen> Raiouken has had its recovery decreased, easier to be in adv frames on guard
[22:34:39] <kyokugen> Strong Hienshippukyaku on hit can link standing A after, damage has been decreased from 9xn to 7xn
[22:36:00] <kyokugen> Yuri (alt)
[22:36:01] <kyokugen> Strong Saiha has less frames of recovery, on guard, now is adv frames
[22:37:14] <kyokugen> Mary (both)
[22:37:14] <kyokugen> Spin Fall has recovery decreased, easier to make even or a little disadv now
[22:40:40] <kyokugen> Yashiro (both)
[22:40:40] <kyokugen> Close D made a low attack
[22:40:41] <kyokugen> Jump C ability to crossup has been improved
[22:40:41] <kyokugen> Yashiro (normal)
[22:40:41] <kyokugen> Weak Jet Counter’s recovery has been reduced 2F
[22:40:41] <kyokugen> Weak Jet Counter - Still’s input time from Jet Counter has been decreased by 3F (?)
[22:40:42] <kyokugen> Sledge Hammer’s stun points has been greatly [??? (probably increased)]
[22:44:47] <kyokugen> Terry (both)
[22:44:48] <kyokugen> Strong Crack Shoot will hit crouching opponents, the recovery on landing has been increased, advantage when guarded, when hitting opponent out of air, you can follow up with j.D or if U.Terry you can power geyser
[22:44:48] <kyokugen> Strong Rising Tackle has more invincible frames
[22:44:48] <kyokugen> Far B damage 5->6

This changelist is looking really nice so far.

More to come…


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[23:54:26] <kyokugen> Terry (normal)
[23:54:26] <kyokugen> Power Charge damage has gone from (Weak) 4->8, (Strong) 9->12
[23:54:27] <kyokugen> Power Dunk’s invincibility on the Strong version has been extended, when trading hits with the first hit, you can follow up
[23:54:27] <kyokugen> Strong High Angle Geyser has extended invincibility
[23:54:27] <kyokugen> Terry (alt)
[23:54:28] <kyokugen> Fire Kick’s first hit can be cancelled into special attacks
[23:54:29] <kyokugen> Round Wave’s builds less meter
[23:54:32] <kyokugen> Power Geyser - Weak, Strong and MAX versions are all 8F faster, after flash invincibility is lost
[23:54:45] <kyokugen> not sure about the last one, 8f faster sounds like alot, might be TO 8F
[23:57:58] <kyokugen> Andy (both)
[23:57:58] <kyokugen> Close C hitbox widened below
[23:57:58] <kyokugen> Strong Zaneiken startup frames reduced, recovery decreased
[23:57:58] <kyokugen> Andy (alt)
[23:57:58] <kyokugen> Hishoken recovery reduced by 5F
[23:57:59] <kyokugen> No other changes to regular Andy
[23:58:01] <kyokugen> Joe (both)
[23:58:03] <kyokugen> 3B recovery reduced
[23:58:05] <kyokugen> Joe (normal)
[23:58:07] <kyokugen> 3B will OTG
[23:58:09] <kyokugen> Strong Slash Kick’s hitbox extended lower, will hit ‘standard’ opponents when they’re crouching
[23:58:11] <kyokugen> Joe (alt)
[23:58:13] <kyokugen> Hurricane Upper attack box has widened
[23:58:15] <kyokugen> Bakuretsuken first hit has a bigger hitbox at the bottom, [strong version/strong stop?] stops 2F faster, if you stop the Strong version on the first hit, without pushing you back further you can now link C, 2A then Pressure Knee
[23:58:18] <kyokugen> Ryo (normal)
[23:58:20] <kyokugen> Strong Kououken’s startup has been made faster, as fast as Weak version
[23:58:22] <kyokugen> Haohshoukouken’s MAX version startup has been made [faster?], same as Weak version
[23:58:26] <kyokugen> Ryo (alt)
[23:58:28] <kyokugen> 6A will knock down on hit (no change to cancelled version)
[23:58:30] <kyokugen> Weak Hienshippuukyaku’s landing frames reduced [to/from?] 8F
[23:58:32] <kyokugen> Weak Air Kououken’s trajectory has been made a little shallower
[23:58:34] <kyokugen> Haohshoukouken’s startup is faster, Weak and MAX versions can connect after light attacks
[00:03:58] <kyokugen> Robert (both)
[00:03:58] <kyokugen> Longer reach on ground CD
[00:03:58] <kyokugen> 6A hitbox widened forwards
[00:03:58] <kyokugen> Hienshippukyaku landing recovery decreased 4F (Weak) and 3F (Strong)
[00:03:58] <kyokugen> Haohshoukouken, Strong and MAX versions startup has been made faster, same as Weak version
[00:03:59] <kyokugen> No changes to Normal Robert
[00:04:00] <kyokugen> Robert (Alt)
[00:04:02] <kyokugen> Weak Hienshippukyaku can be followed up on hit (mid-screen far C, corner Ryuuga, [XXXGeki - U.Robert doesnt have that move though?] possible)
[00:04:05] <kyokugen> MAX Ryuuko Ranbu’s invincibility extended by 10F

That’s all for now. The changes are much more radical than I expected. It will be very interesting to see how it turns out, and also how popular it will be.

That means Krauser low tier, Eiji lightning fast fireball and Ex Geese full screen Raging Storm, hahahahahh.

At least Geese DP will be safer or less risky, it was only useful comboing from lows the A version, and C version from C in the corner for q.max.

Thanks Remxi, Rogueyoshi, BiGGDaddyCane and a11111357.

Lot of changes, AoF team buffed, specially the fireballs. Weird the change to 6A in Ex Ryo. Nice zoning with Robert with CD and 6A. I just hope they make a little less strict the timing to pull off q.max combos, just a little to make more fun the gameplay and more reward to save the MAX activation (less damage) and execution, ohh and keep the same lenght in ex pow bar :wgrin:.

And Lucky wasn’t buffed?

Lol, he will always be the joke character, even within the Sports Team


I’m still curious about the fact they nerfed Krauser but BUFFED Geese.

Can someone explain what the hell is up there?

Doesn’t seem like he got much at all. And it seems like they’re buffing everyone but Top 3. Beni & Brian are going to be stupid as shit now.

wow, everyone buffed! awesome

98UM was probably my favorite 2D fighter now…but 98 UMFE is going to replace it surely.

Can’t wait. Tier Lists aren’t what I thought at all.

I can’t wait to play this game, I wonder how long we will wait…

Vids damn you…VIDS!!!

Yeah vids will be nice I wonder if heavy d will have some new combos.

here’s hoping those 10 characters are either brand new or from other games and not EX version of already existing characters.

are you even going to frosty faustings


there’s only 2k2 UM and it’s for xbox I don’t have a stick for xbox, besides I haven’t played 2k2UM in a while.

I like melty blood but I’m a complete noob in that game

I might just go and watch though

damn thats some sf4 style changes. brian and ex geese = lmao. ex geese and o.yashiro seem like more of a lock to any team. ex geese was already a fav and now yashiro has a FAST empty jump into low mixup w/ close D. idk how fast his close D is, but its pretty fast and in the older games like 98, all close heavy attacks are faster than crouching Bs. so thatll be harder to block than chris or kyo empty hop into low b.

The new av is alright.

But don’t get ahead of yourself. >:|

Haha, Fuck you Wolfgang, Get Dat Nerf Hammer Ya Top Tier Bastard.