KOF 98UM Final Edition?

I expect a complete global saturation of EX Yuri players. People have been sleeping on that bitch.

Not sure where you’re from but where i’m from(SG) our lousiest EX Yuri players usually wipe main tiers…You have to play one to believe.

Because Geese is so Popular that NO ONE will care or complain if he’s 10x more overpowered than Krauser

anyway despite the changes Krauser still has a LOT of tools and it just needs a bit of tweaking on his strats. But I think it’ll just be like a seth transition from 00-01 (toned down noticeably but still a best) and not 01-02 (toned down tremendously)

Krauser might be upper mid but again of course i could be wrong.

far B is good news AS LONG as it’s still bufferable (2002 UM’s Omega version’s far B isn’t but his crouching B is… and i hope they didn’t use that as a basis)

I hope stand C is still bufferable and crouch D is still fast since IMO those are very useful

and fix his jump forward D, it’s downward hitbox is terrible and whiffs crouchers, make it like 2003 Terry Bogard’s Jump forward D hitbox (and i hope it still crosses up)

I still wonder why they didn’t make his B version Genocide Cutter as invulnerable upwards as his D version (with just the D version doing more damage) My friend argues with me that making the B version invincible upwards would make it abusable as hell because of the UM version’s fast recovery and make him the next Krauser but i don’t think so.

Hehe Evolution of Rugal OG he was lower tier, UM he is Mid-Tier, I hope this time he’ll be Top Tier. (or at least upper mid)

Meh, we won’t be playing this game any time soon.

KOF remakes for ?98 and 2002 coming Jan. 24th to NESiCA Arcade Heroes

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No one’s sleeping on Ex Yuri, she was always one of the best characters in the game.

Still going to be playing Krauser. He’s just too fun

Finally a confirmed date?Woot…4 more days!:lovin:

obviously its so he could be banned quicker

What kind of reasoning is that? Just leave him alone if SNK wants him to stay OP. Jesus.

Well, Krauser just will need 2 or 3 more hits to kill you. Yashiro is making it to the top again “Jump C ability to crossup has been improved”, that move is already good to crossup, now is becoming as beni’s D.

Does anyone have any knowledge on how this Nesica system works? Would it be possible for someone to import one of these systems and download the games available or is this so far an exclusive to Japan only?

Japan only.

Does this mean that the final edition will be available ONLY in Japan?
If that is so,it definitely sucks! Especially after reading on all the changes I’m dying to try the game!

…Why are you surprised?

maybe will get this update for psn by the end of the year with perfect net code!!!???


You are bleeding delusional. Somebody get this poster a bucket of water and exposed wires, please.

Lol! Don’t blame him,i bet everyone else here wishes for the same thing silently!
Hope it comes to SE Asia…

Translation with Google, maybe someone can clear these statements, looks like there’s lag in the NesicaxLive system/method. No more characters, just the tweaks mentioned above. Take it with a grain of salt.

2011?0126? | Project DUEL ??

"2011.01.26 Wednesday
KOF98UMFE operation
Author: Projectduel
Now, Iyo Iyo KOF98UMFE Seems that run on the NESICA.
KOF98UM adjusted version of this work.
The base appears to be no different KOF98UM,
I feel like such a minor change version.

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And if you do, so I’d like to use the table happily lily.
However, there is a lag or whatever people were playing.
And that there is a lag KOF2002UM more.

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Measures in the gaming industry lags most major companies now,
Why does leave out Playmor lag
Moreover, NESICA housing although I had heard that there is little lag.
NESICA is to be played
Even though it was income from entering the system
This is such a bad Kiga.

Well anyway, is that how much lag
I do not know and see for yourself,
I think I’ll have to play much in the near future once.
After that? !

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Ok, you got me.