Kof '99 combos

:cool: kof '99 Is the most eletricfying game in snk histroy.
the combos on that game is of the charts (especialy kyo, ryo, iori, and andys). If you have not played that game you aint shit.

I’ve played it, I have the DC version! Some of the combos on this game are hard to connect with tho, but its worth a try! If you have any combos for Athena, let me know!

i know of an 8hit with terry a 5hit with leona and 6ish withk’ ill get back to you on how to do them

just go here http://db.gamefaqs.com/coinop/arcade/file/king_of_fighters_99_e.txt

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Im sorry, but KOF 99 is the gayest game in the kof series. Thats when they first experiment with striker. They suck ass. Plus instead of the back roll, they gave them some stupid jump back and then they jump forward again. THe only reason i have kof evolution for my dc is because im a fan of kof, even though its not so great in this game. :lame:

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