kof 99 psn


is the kof 99 and bloody roar games that allow you play others online in the psn shop? Or are they just stand alone games? If so anybody know anything about them r they worth it? i have both originals just wanna know if i can play against other people.


The KoF99 on PSN is the PS1 version, which means it’s a piece of shit. Don’t buy it. Dreamcast version is insanely better.

Bloody Roar is worthless if you play BR2/BR3/BRPF. It’s just old and outdated.

Neither has online play. Don’t purchase either unless you’re about nostalgia or you’ve got money to blow.


+1 winback apparently your the only person in about 100 views on two different threads and boards to actually know the answer. ya i already have both games on ps1 and was just intrested in playing online. thanks for saving me money!!


What else would you have us play?

Bloody Roar 4? :confused: