KOF 99 question

In the home versions of KOF 99, in the move list, some moves have a little “s” next the button, eg Andy fireball thingy is QCB + P and a little S next to the P icon. Also some moves have an spinning arrow next to the name with “SP” on one side, and 1,2, or 3 on the other. What do these mean?

My guess is that those moves with an “S” can be super-cancelled in Counter Mode.

And those with SP could be follow-ups, but you have to be more specific…

Okay, ive taken a pic:
The two moves at the bottom have the little S, and the bottom move has the spinning “SP” arrow, with a 1 on the other side. Andy’s supers have an “SP” arrow with 2 and 3 respectively. There is also information scrolling along the bottom on the screen, which describes what he S and SP mean, but as you can I see, i have the japanese version, and I can’t read it. So japanese readers, this is your time. Either that, or someone who has KOF99 english version could provide the answers. Thanks peeps.

Super cancelable.

I agree with Lantis theory about “S” meaning super cancelable in counter mode, but what about SP? That can’t be super-cancelable, cause (AFAIK) you CAN’T cancel supers into each other.

I think the sp just means there supers, i cant be arsed to power up the old dreamcast to find out

perhaps Strong Punch? P for any punch sP for strong and lP for light?

This is a good question.let me look this one up.

Cmon guys, SOMEONE out there must know what SP means. I thought this would have been answered ages ago. Just power up your old DC’s or PS’s and put me out of my misery.

One button special / DM. If you go into button configuration you will see that there’s a option for “special move” 1 / 2 / 3 (or something along those lines). By assigning one of those to the specific button, whenever that button is pressed that move will be performed

So whatever button you assign for “1” based on that picture (let’s say the A button). Whenever you press A that move will be done. Some characters will have their DMs assigned as 2 or 3 and it makes doing combos easier

Thx man, I know it’s sad but I was thinking about what they meant at night. Now my mind is at ease. Kind of a scrubby feature to put in,good for testing out combos and juggles I guess.

That or cheesing your way through Krizalid