Kof/AE in Roseville/Rocklin/Auburn

This is awesome! didnt know so many people played in the area. Andrew O ill pm you my info aswell.<br>

Yo Andrew. I would actually like to play cvs2 more than anything. C-Sak was way underrated.

not sure where your located at but im pretty sure im going to have a session at my spot this saturday if you want to come? Main game will be AE but if enough people come and want to play and bring setups we can do marvel as well…

I’m in Rocklin. Haven’t actually touched AE, stopped at SF 4 (vanilla?). I’m working this weekend so wont be able to make it, thanks for the offer though. Maybe some time in the future.

Tournament in Roseville on 04/16. Marvel and AE. I will post details soon!

I’m in the north end of Auburn about 15 min from town. You in Rocklin?

Dude im in north auburn too… pm me your details so we can play some kof

Wow! That’s great. Sorry for bein so slow on this.