KOF arcade button layout?

Im just wondering what is the layout for the KOF games in the arcades? And is it the same for US and Japan? And is the layout the same for all the KOF games?


A B C D. Right?

i think in japan most arcades is A B C D. but when i visited korea, they had their layout


which was confusing at first, but i got used to it after playing for a while

If seen those, and they work. I’m more comfortable with the Capcom-style layout though. Seen it in a few arcades here.
:snka: :snkc:
:snkb: :snkd:

The usual (before that) was

:snka: :snkb: :snkc:

i thought in japan it was
:snka: but with more curve

I think the Japanese config was more like:

----:snkb: :snkc: :snkd:

And I’ve seen some configs like so:

:snka: :snkb: :snkc:

just know that there are a lot of layouts used in different places

Real men use the classic layout.


UP will get this layout since I already told them to do lol

(from The Stick template/Layout thread in Tech Talk)

SNK fighting games seem to see more incorrect (ie. not official) config variations than any other titles or series, some of which are apparently very popular in certain regions/areas/arcades.

The official old-school (Neo Geo) layout was this:

The official new-school (Atomiswave) layout was this:

I honestly have no idea about their new 2009 (Type X) games.

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Around here most templates are:


Because the cabinets are fucked up and certainly not original.

the official button layout

From what i see from my local arcade store it should be something like this shown on the link


What about the button layout on the neo-geo home console stick? that’s a lot more curved than the traditional KOF layout. Weird

Tht official Taito X2 layout for this game seems to be


At least that’s how they were at this official playtest… see vid…


22 seconds in to the vid the layout is in clear sight. This is the layout I’ll be using as it seems the most natural and commonsensical.

This is the one you should be using.

Maybe so, but that is not what they were using at 2009 AOU. The cabs were setup using the layout I mentioned. Just check out the video for proof.

Button layouts are a preference these days so just use what works for you.