KOF character tiers...storyline wise?


I was surprised I couldn’t find this, maybe I’m just not googling right.

Anyway, are there any lists out there, or does anyone have their own personal lists?

Moved: KOF character tiers...storyline wise?

Top tier:

that’s all you need to know


Orochi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rest of the cast

Then I think it’s Yashiro, then Chris/Shermie/Goenitz

Then the heros (Kyo, Terry, Ryo?)

I think that much is right. dunno after that though. I’m not too knowledgeable on KoF story


When chang began to stomp like kim, he attained his own “Korean orochi” powers. Thus chang > everyone else


Well theres no official tier list and the “Plot guide” has been said to be just a fanfic…but I would guess that Orochi, Goenitz, and Ignitz would have to be top-tier.


Orochis Tier 1 I know that.
I think Igniz is around there too. Possibly Omega Rugal as well

Kyo Terry K’ Iori and Ryo are all 2 Rugal I think goes here as well.

I think Athena is supposed to be pretty powerfull too as is Kula.


Thats a hard one. Ill keep the characters introduced in 2003 out, considering we dont have much info… I would assume Ash and Duo Lon are together with Kyo and Iori, though.

Orochi is number one. Then Goenitz.

Ignitz, Ron, Original Zero, Krizalid, Rugal should follow.

Kyo, Kagura, Iori, K, Kula, the Orochi (Chris, Yashiro, Shermie, Vice, Mature, Yamazaki, Gaidel), Saisyu.

Then Geese (Saisyu and Geese should be pretty close).

Then the rest.

Out of the “normal” characters, Bao, Athena, Kensou, K9999, Angel, Foxy, Takuma and Leona are the most powerful.

I tried to put those somehow in order of power, but some stuff is hard, like comparing Kula (who is supposed to be almost equal to K which is slightly lower than Kyo) to the Orochis…


But Takuma stopped a frikkin’ orbital laser wiht his fireball!!! Kyo and Iori couldn’t have done that. Takuma is on another level from most of the cast.


Geese is strong enough to have created his own dark bloodline. Rock Howard’s powers weren’t all from Terry’s training He is atleast equal to Yamazaki if not all of the “normal” orochi clan.


The thing with Takuma is that, cannon-wise, he is always holding back when he fights. Its only when hes in “Mr. Karate” mode that he fights seriously (like in SVC, as a boss). Saving King was a big deal, so he didnt hold back.

Theres no “Mr. Karate” in KOF, so i kept him out. He would most likely be, if i had to say, right below Kyo (which has the strongest move of all regular characters in the series, cannon-wise).


Ratio 6 geese…end of thread.



i would think “Mr.Karate” would be at least Tier 2 level…


shouldnt geese be higher? u cant kill him! :mad:

Oriochi & Goe died like bitches to that kyo & iori right? :confused:

Isnt evil kyo stronger then kyo since hes evil? :devil:


wow you nubs can’t read huh?

chang> everyone

He has a ball and chain, plus he has a stomp. Top tier.


Chang man. Nothing can beat his spinning ball, NOTHING! NOTHING I SAY!!!


lol don’t forget the auto guard


Evil Kyo? You mean Kusanagi? He doesnt exist. Hes not a person, just an essence summoned by Kagura.

And Orochi and Goenitz were beaten by Kyo and Iori together, then kept from coming back by Kagura.

Theres no specific explanation on how Rugal, Zero or Ignitz were beaten, but theyre defeated by teams (Kyo team or Kteam), not a single character.


Rugal is in no way stronger than ANY of the true Orochi (Orochi, Yashiro, Shermie, Chris, Goenitz). End of KoF 95 shows that he cannot control the orochi power, yet those 4 can.

The strongest of the non-boss characters are: Kyo, Iori, Chizuru, K’, Kula, Kensou, Leona, Mature, Vice, Yamazaki, etc.

Essentially, the flame wielders, people infused with flame wielding powers, those with the Orochi blood, and the Psycho Soldiers are the strongest of the normal cast.


Dont forget Shingo, he has a flame now! HOW SWEET IS THAT!


oh yeah…and let’s not for get his critical hit!! But he’s still not as godly as chang with a stomp. that shit is too good