KOF character tiers...storyline wise?


Did u mean Ryo, cuz Kyo has nothing to do with Karate or the Sakazaki family.

Mr. Karate is the identity Takuma assumes when he decides not to hold back and puts on a tengu mask, and is also Ryo’s and Yuri’s father.

First appeared in 1992 in Art of Fighting as the final boss and is basically a pallette swap of Ryo but faster, and much more powerful, and I believe is the inspiration for Akuma/Gouki (flame?):

AOF1 Shot

AOF1 Shot2

Mr. Karate next appeared in the 3D game, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition for PSX in 1998, but this time it is Ryo that is Mr. Karate as he has inherited his father’s title but without the mask:

FFWA: Ryo as Mr. Karate

Takuma is back as Mr. Karate in SVC:

SVC: Mr. Karate

In 2005 Ryo appears yet again as Mr. Karate in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, but not the same version as FFWA Ryo…no comboable air Haoh Shoukouken, and FFWA Ryo’s new moves… -_- :

NGBC: Mr. Karate II


A lot of people keep posting Kyo as one of the highest tiers…but what about when SNK says they created Kyo to be able to “hold his own against Terry and Ryo…”, indicating he isnt as strong as them.

What to make of that?


Should’t Geese be higher than Yamazaki?



Terry still holds the title of King of Fighters since he was the last one to win it, before the tournament went into team format.

Kyo, and K’ can’t be the King of Fighters when they won as a team.




Now I’m not as occurant with KoF story as I am with SF, but aside from Orochi, and maybe Goenitz and the other Heavenly Kings, it’s difficult to ascertain reliable tier levels for the KoF characters because, as someone pointed out, you have regular instances of “lower” characters beating up on “higher” characters. And then there’s the whole team format issue, which further muddles things up.

It would also help if there were more info on who officially beat who, and not “who beat who because it was so an so’s destiny to do so” crap. There are a ton of teams in the KoF every year, but we only know (?) how one or two teams fair, at best.

Query: Why is Geese perceived as being so strong? I know he’s cool and all, but he struck me more of a business man who happened to be a kick ass fighter rather than some kind of uber fighter. While he may be stronger than the “regular” fighters, I think he’s one of the weaker “boss” characters in terms of fighting ability. I would put Krauser well over Geese, for example. It doesn’t detract from Geese, because, well, he’s Geese. But in terms of fighting ability, I don’t see him being as strong as some people claim he is.

And speaking of Geese, that whole thing with the scrolls… isn’t that just specularion? Also, if the scrolls were do powerful, shouldn’t anyone + scrolls = top tier?


well i don’t no about that cuz yamazaki did beat geese first. and then geese and yamazaaki fought again and geese beat him. i think yamazaki is stronger then geese.


Uhhh didn’t Kyo beat Saisyu as a kid or something? I don’t remember very well… Stands to reason that if he did…


So pretty much everyone agrees…Orochi is the strongest…
Now, where are people basing their stuff on?
Because there are a couple of sourcs, and some of them contradict others.
I know there is the KOF zillions comics (Which are really nicely written), hell if you base it off of these, then that’s where Billy Kane handled Kyo (without the flames)…

Among the “regular” fighters, I think its pretty much from the main characters in the respective KOF games…Kyo, K’, Iori, Ash, are pretty much the strongest, although I still think the originals (meaning the peeps from AOF and FF) are up their, its just that everyone is too busy with Kyo and them…

I like the fact that SNK tries to bring in new characters, but it seems they create new ones as “the most powerful” fighters, thinking that we will all forget Kyo…

I think its tight when SNK gives established characters new looks/fighting styles, like Kyo and Mr. Karate (Ryo).

And Geese is powerful, its just that its one of those fanboy questions…would would beat who among Bad guys…As for the person who said that Krauser is stronger, I think that was true at one point, but then Geese got better or something and is slightly higher than Krauser (I heard it somewhere, dont quote me!) I guess Geese is a character like Bison, where they will always be one of the strongest, whether or not they are the actual bosses of the game, they are always in the scene, even when they aint fighting…

Ok, I dont know if this ade sense, just me ranting and raving…

-The Geese


yea what GH said wasnt geese in training for the game where Krauser is the boss, thats when he develops the mighty Raging storm!
Im not sure bout this but if he was still around after Krauser canned it i would asume his stronger by now.


I say Saisyu is a little bit stronger than Kyo because Saisyu can withstand his own flames while Kyo has to wear special gloves. And yes, Kyo beat Saisyu in 95 although it took him awhile to put aside personal feelings. And I believe it took Benimaru and Daimon helping him to take out Rugal in 95. [A lot of people argue, with reasonable evidence, that 94 is just a dream match.]


Kyo doesn’t need the gloves anymore, he took them off in 99. I think he’s stronger than his dad.


It is obvious Kyo is stronger than Saishu. If it is not so, Iori’s rival would be Saishu instead of him.
If it is not so, Saishu would be the one who sealed Orochi with Mushiki.

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Story wise strongest character without bosses are Kyo, K`,Ash and Iori there must be no any doubt about that and right behind them are Terry and Ryo as mains from FF and AOF:P


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This thread is old as balls.

Who beats who is rarely documented in KoF. I like how SNK keeps that information ambiguous.


I was still in high school when this thread was created :open_mouth:

As for XIV, Verse’ power seems to be incomplete right now, so he’s not all that powerful. K’ said he was too easy to handle, while Kyo had a feeling the battle was only the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure Verse will be more of a problem in XV.


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