KOF characters you miss

So I was playing KOF Neowave and looking back on KOF 2003, and I’m thinking…I miss a whole lotta KOF characters. Where’s Goenitz? Where’s Heidern? Where’s…uhh…Moe (from the KOF EX games)?

Either way, which character do you miss?

Foxy (2001)
K9999 (2001, 2002, Neowave)
I would say Andy but he’s in every game up until (and including) Neowave…

Damn right! Same here.
I also miss Eiji Kisaragi (1995), Kasumi (1999), and Mr. fucking Big! (1996)

Oh yeah, and Heidern (1994-95, 1998, 2001)

I list Eiji and Kasumi because I cannot afford mod chips/imports.

I miss chris and takuma.

Anyone that hasn’t said Boss Team deserves death.

lucky glauber
brain battler


heidern is also pimp

heavy d, Heidern, and k9999

I dont know but I know they should have KOF at evo. There are worse games at evo then KOF. Like Soul Cal and MVC2. Id rather play KOF over those games any day.


Eiji, Chin Gentsai, Heavy D!, Lucky, Heidern, '96 Boss Team.

boss team
sports team
new face team

Goenitz(KO KO DES KA,KO KO DES KA,KOKO DES KA!):stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT:Krauser didn’t make it to the KOFXI PS2 extras but Geese and Big did :frowning:

Oh yeah…I almost forgot.

Chin, Takuma, Geese, and the U.S. Team. And Saisyu.

Eiji is in KOFXI…


Boss team
Oyaji/masters team
Sports team


I miss the 95 style of Robert, Ryo, Heidern…now that I think about it…Kof 95 had great music,colors,backgrounds,sound effects,sprites, and now it just sucks!!!



Uh… he’s not in NW.

Nests 2001.

Goenitz is in the Ps2 port of KOF 2k2…

Yeah K9999 was dropped because quite frankly he isnt that popular of a character…that’s the truth.

Some say he’s cheap as hell but I disagree. Anyone can be beaten.

I agree with Krauser and the Boss Team…they need to return for NW2.

Geese is in NW…as Young Geese, the second to most powerful form of Geese.
Saisyu is in NeoWave as well, 98 style and still top tier.

Angel is in the Ps2 version of NeoWave also, Takuma, New face Team…ditto.

Now we haven’t seen the sports team in a while have we not??

Krauser, Heavy D!, Heidern… hope they make it to the next dream match