KOF Community Sites?



I’m interested in finding community sites for King of Fighters. The shoryuken.com equivalent for KOF in the united states, basically. Does anyone have any recommendations?



The biggest one would probably be http://www.cyberfanatix.com/, but I don’t know if I’d call it USA-based exactly. It’s mostly in English at least! It’s not exactly community-based, either, there is no forum for local competition.

The other would be Orochinagi: http://kingoffighters.planets.gamespy.com/forums/. I’m not sure how active it is these days, or how USA-based it is.

But no seriously: you’re on it.


Orochi Nagi forums are a great archive of info about the games, but the community isn’t that big or active.

Cyberfanatix is your best bet for an active, thriving online community although being as it is focused on KOF/SNK quite a few of the active members aren’t in the US.


Thanks guys. Is there anyone other than Orochinagi or Cyberfanatix? Just making sure I’ve got everyone covered.


Oh, http://www.snk-capcom.com/. Almost forgot about them. It’s mostly just a fansite though in comparison to the others.


what are you planning Ponder? :slight_smile:
KOF @ Evo?


The Evo gamelist has already been announced.


Having KOF or Mark of The wolves would be pretty cool


I miss kofonline…:sad:


http://www.cyberfanatix.com/ is ran by players in Pakistan but the site itself resides on a server in Florida.

http://kingoffighters.planets.gamespy.com/forums/ is ran by Gunsmith from London, England.

http://www.snk-capcom.com/ is American for sure.

and KOFOnline was updated from Singapore years ago and will be missed by some.



yeah I remember that one, good times

what about neo-geo.com:sweat:


another community worth checking out is madman’s cafe, though i don’t know how active they are. Best bets are really Cyberfanatix and SNK-Capcom.