Kof dropped from evo 2015


I was so sad when I heard the news. Look at the games atm at evo and how unprofessional , noobfriendly those fighting games are. They are a joke for any person that loves fighting games that takes effort to master. Talking about persona 4, killer instinct, mortal combat X… How the hell could they drop one of the best technical skilled fighting games ? - _ - I am mad bro

proof: http://evo.shoryuken.com/

Is there any good alternative for kof 13 ? I want to play at some tourneys : /


I’m not mad about it…at the end of the day KoF 13 lost a bunch of competition over the years.
I would’ve been surprised if it did make it to the main stage this year.

There will at least be a side tournament at Evo.


Hope it will have a good turnout.


Ah great, at least something. Thank you :slight_smile: Lets hope the next kof comes out soon then :slight_smile:


upon reading this post from the outside at first i thought it was dropped EVEN from being a side tournament, it’s a relief that it’s still there in some form

I doubt any of the CAFEID Kof Players like Madkof and verna will come back for a side tournament

I certainly Hope SF regulars like Xian, Xiaohai, Dakou, Luffy and especially Tokido would consider joining even without the shiny 50k pot

I hope some Marvel regulars who also play the game like Kaneblueriver, Flocker and Chris G would consider joining

Luis Cha and Misterio i’m almost certain wouldn’t pass this up

I Hope Reynald and Romance comes out of Exile and rejoins the scene

right now IMO Tokido (although laid low for a bit) and Misterio are the faces of KOF XIII


I’ll probably join even if it is to just pot monster it.


Fortunately there’s a new game coming. CR The King of Fighters for EVO 2015, Playmore make it happen!


I would not mind donating to the pot…even though I will not be attending Evo this year.


King of Combat for EVO 2015, please.


It’s not a real game!


You can contact @NeoPenny on twitter regarding that.