KOF fanmade sprite


Hi all, i am a fan of the classic 2D sprite fighting games, and king of fighters too (classic ones)
i wish to share some of the sprite that i did. =)








i hope you guys like it,

any indie fighting game dev looking for an artist??? =)

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They look bad.

I’m a fighting game dev looking for an artist. But I’m not looking for you.


People on the internet are assholes.

You have a distinct style and it won’t appeal to everyone but it takes guts to open yourself up to criticism from random jerks on a forum.

I would say if you were marketing yourself as an artist this style would have to work with the game in question. Because it’s distinct, it will be more difficult to market. The flat shaded style makes them look even more cubist than you intend. Generally I like the ones with less colors (vampire lady I don’t recognize) vs those with lots of detail (Terry) as the colors fit the flat shading style.

Generally the poses are good. Mai looks a little “flyswatted.” I’m going to guess you’re working from the old sprites, so i’d say take another run at that one.

It looks like you’re doing this in vector art (maybe?) in which case animation is relatively easy. You might want to demo your skills in that area as well.

The faces are the roughest part, and the part that people will be paying the most attention to. Almost across the board the eyes look off. The eye on the farthest side of the head isn’t quite right (too small and the person’s point of focus seems off.) Terry’s shoulders are too broad (especially the one nearest to the viewer)




oh thanks, i did use the old sprite as reference. and i tried to put in a more cartoonish art style. thanks for your reply, peace!


oh, the cubism shape are actually intended =)


Reminds me of Guacamelee style.


Here is a stage design i did during my free time.
it is a Homage the movie Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark