KOF HEAT (High Energy Attack Tournament) is a project that recently took off in the #snkplaymore irc channel on efnet. The goal of the project is to get people to keep playing KOF even if they can’t play XIII because of its shitty netcode. It’s also a fun way to spend time and get better.

Because even though KOF XIII is out, it’s practically unplayable for some people. Although the games aren’t KOF XIII, they’re similar enough to help you sharpen your skills. It’s also fun (which is just a stupid buzzword).

**HOW?**We gather in the #snkplaymore channel and arrange games based on the bracket there and play on GGPO. If you don’t know how to use IRC or GGPO, I suggest finding a different hobby.

**WHO?**ME! ME, ME, ME, ME, ME! This entire thing is ran by me without the help of anyone else! If you would like to help, please let me know because I can use it.

Every Sunday at 6 PM EST unless there’s a holiday. Sometimes I might not be able to make it since I would probably have obligations but that’s why I would like for someone to step in and take my place when that happens!


  1. Play nice.
  2. Please be committed. We use a Swiss System style and it takes pretty long. We don’t want people dropping out. If you know you can’t commit and stay for the 2 hours +, please do not enter and waste everyone’s time. I don’t want to have to give byes with the format we have. Be responsive as well.
  3. Registrations begin at 5 PM EST. Tournament starts at 6 PM EST.
  4. PLEASE for the love of everything good in the world PM me if you want in the tournament. PM me on IRC when you are actually in the room. Report your victories or losses with the points as well.
  5. Have your goddamn connection sorted out. If people have trouble connecting to you or you’re laggy, please stay out. If your opponent can’t connect to you, I will try to get a bunch of people to connect to both players to see whose end it’s coming from and I will penalize them. Of course, I don’t want to have to do this so keep your shit under control.
  6. If there are 8 rounds or more, we will have a break after the 4th round. It will last 20 minutes. Of course, you can take a small break after or before your matches but don’t take advantage of it. If you take too long, we’ll just skip you.
  7. This tourney will use the Swiss System format. The easiest way to explain it is as a more intelligent and less time consuming round robin that pairs players based on skill level and determines player skill through a combination of skill level of the players they have played and points accumulated. If you don’t understand it, don’t worry because Challonge is easy to understand.
  8. Most of the players will be from the United States so as a general rule, please don’t join if you don’t have good games with EC or WC USA players.

The GGPO Discussion Thread


Stay Inside and Enjoy the HEAT

Signups at 5pm/begins at 6pm EST
SUNDAY 01/15
KOF 98


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