KOF Hong Kong Comics

Anyone have any idea where to get those KOF hong KOng comics?

If you mean in English there was only 2 released here. Check your local comic shop and if that fails go the online route.

The best of the two was the Maximum Impact comic. It came out in 8 seperate comic book issues that they released in the course of 2 weeks WTF… however in some ways that is a good thing because with things of this nature stores tend to keep issues around longer than TPBs, the solution may just be looking up King of Fighters in your comic book shop backbins. But yeah if you are a fan of Terry Bogard like me you will be really pleased because he really stands out. They don’t show every fight that goes down in the tourney but every character is in there and the final boss does go down, very cool!

The other book is KOF 2003 and that was released as TPBs, UNFLOPPED so that is a big plus. Me I didn’t care about it too much because it focused way too much on Ash and his team. I mean I guess if you like them or just want any and all KOF like me it’s all good I suppose.

SVC Chaos is a different animal, but the online route is also the best way to go. They re-released the first volume and fixed a lot of typos a few months back, like calling Demitri Dimitri instead of Demitri and fixing Crazy Buttalo to say Crazy Buffalo lol! No idea if they will re-release the other volumes are what is going on with it. Story’s very… bizzare IMHO and leans heavily on shock value but good fun and nice artwork, just don’t take it too seriously ha ha! People are riding Dinosaurs like cowboys ride horses and Shadowloo kills every single human being on Planet Earth. Need I say more? :looney:

Yeah Ebay is your friend. :smile:

And where do Riot Iori and Shin Akuma fit in with all of that?
Edit: Nvm, I guess they’d just be riding dinosaurs as well.

Shin Akuma was riding a dinosaur, it was him and Mr. Karate riding Tynasaurus Rexes. Riot Iori was a clone. The real Iori killed himself so he could enter the SVC Tourney, yes you had to die to gain entry into the tourney in this alternate dimension. Don’t worry, eventually everyone gets better… :confused:

I remember reading SVC Chaos, and that was NUTS

Iori was fighting Genjuro in an amusement park, and he stabbed Iori through the body multiple times, but he didn’t die. There was a lot of blood. And the amusement park (including the ferris wheel) was destroyed.
Red Areemer (Ghouls+Ghosts) also was rediculously strong, he destroyed a city or something.

Well, the only thing I hate about this comics is that the main characters are uber powerful. I mean come on Iori singlehandedly defeated the whole Fatal Fury team, and he didn’t go Riot of the Blood. That’s lame.