KoF in the Sac/Davis area


Hey, I just moved to Davis, CA. I can’t really make it to Southtown anytime soon so I was looking for some local people to play KoF with.
Anyone in the area care to get some matches on? I’m tired of spending time in the lab without being able to try anything out!


Me, Coopa, Sudden Blackout and some others play KOF. For me at least got distracted by Persona and Tekken where I stopped playing KOF. Capitol Fight District this Saturday will probably have someone station a KOF setup. I am down to get on it.


Gotcha, gotcha. Do you come by Davis at all or just hang out in the Sac area?


I’m down to play some KOF at CFD. I need a reason to practice that game today. Check us out in the Sac thread if you happen to pop into town wanting to play some KOF.