KOF: Maximum Impact 2> SF4

I had the first one but I must say I did not give it a real chance. It was fun but I was not ready for the 3d look I guess. I was way into CVS2 and GG at the time. For a PS2 game its sick imo.


This is a joke right? Cuz you’re gonna get flamed so bad it isn’t even funny. Not by me though, I don’t care for SF4 myself. As far as MI series go it seemed ok, although the only thing that bugged me was in the first game the ground stuff was stupid. Like I could pick K’ and do his Eins Trigger and manage to hit people while they were on the ground and knock them back up into the air and juggle them some more. Did that shit ever get fixed?

That’s good to know.

Also, I don’t think anyone plays MI2 anymore in terms of the 3D KoFs. They all moved on to Regulation A.

I thought that the character designs were better than SFIV’s for the most part. But I have never actually played a KOF game so I can’t really say much more than that.

Regulation A is A LOT better than MI2…try MIRA Lester…


Regulation A is better than SF4. No joke, no homo. Shit’s so much more fun, and SF4 isn’t even balanced any better anyways.

Not gonna lie. I’m not even a KOF fan at all. But I had more fun in the 4 days I played MIRA than in almost all of SFIV.

Plus, Regulation A’s announcer is Recoome from DBZ.