KOF Maximum Impact 2


Bout this game, what’s a good place to find info bout characters and such? Are there any other sites where I can find the community at?


If you want character info as in you want to know about there origins and backstories then you should go to www.fightersgenration.com…it think that is still what it’s called.If you want moveslists and info about gameplay, then go to gamefaqs.


And, if you just got the game by chance, check out the in-game bios on all of the characters. Everyone has some cool back story and whatnot. I spent a bunch of time reading up on everyone.


Sigh…I wish people would check my thread first :sweat:…after all this hard work I do to get the thread name changed etc I wish people would check my thread or with me before they make new threads…


***See KOF2006 part…there is a thread already made for it…

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Well hell this thread isn’t even stickied not like I’d find it. Search engine on this shit takes to long and I usually never find any thing im looking for.

And im not looking for plot info, mainly meta-game shit.

edit: thanks for the links though, especially dark geese