KOF: Maximum Impact Maniax(xbox)


does anyone play this game on regular xbox. how is the gameplay for this 3d KOF game?


This game is terrible. The only MI installment worth playing is Maxmum Impact regulation A but it’s import/PS2 only.


I liked MI2 (2006 in the US), enough, but yeah, the real tournament worthy one is MIA.


I personally hated MI, but thought 2006 was actually okay, and played it quite a bit, but it’s only on PS2.


While I wasnt a huge fan of the MI series, 2006/MI2 had Fio… so I can’t complain.


MIRA is the good one


Any of the MI games that are dubbed into English are amazing.

I don’t really care how loose/bad they are technically. Those dubs are a laugh goddamned riot. “LOCK ONTO THIS, LOSER!”