KOF maximum impact maniax

does anyone play this game online for REGULAR xbox? if so,is it good? hows the game play,netcode,etc.

Maximum Maniax sucks, don’t waste your time. King of Fighters 2006, aka King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2, for the PS2 is a far more polished version of that game with way more characters. It’s definitely SNK’s best effort at a 3D fighter to date. The OG characters, like Terry and Kyo, are done very very well and their moves look very good in 3D, but the new Maximum Impact exclusive characters are a little lame imo (Except for Luise Meyrink. Now she’s bad ass). Still there’s some fun to be had and the game has tons of depth.

King of Fighters Regulation A is the best. I think there was supposed to be a Regulation A2, but I am not sure what happened to that.

Regulation A is actually a really solid Entry, and quite a lot of fun. A2 is supposedly in the works, and should reveal itself this year hopefully, thought I have no Idea nowadays.

MI would be fun it weren’t so slow paced.

What ? The first SFEX was released in '96.

Thanks for the correction Brigode. I totally forgot about SFEX, maybe because it was such a lame game. lol

However, if you’ve played MI2 or MIRA then you’ll know that these games are very fast compared to standard 2d KoF, at least imo.

I thought they meant 3-d, not 2.5d…because SamSho 64/2 and Fatal Fury WA says hi from 1999.


Anyway, my beef with the MI series is the ability to mash in it; the string combos inserted in the system make it too easy to do that “auto-combo” syndrome I see in Tekken.

Admittedly, high-level gameplay vids I have seen look pretty refined and the combos have that Marvel level of impressiveness, but I just hate it for casual play…

Yea if people kno what they’re doing, Reg A looks mighty impressive and fun, but casual play is just a mess. stylish arts ftl.