KOF:MI 2 and KOF Anime (Pictures)

KOF - Maximum Impact 2:


KOF - Another Day:


A buncha other SNK stuff:


(KOFMI3 was already confirmed for next-gen consoles, too)

http://neogeofreak.sbpnet.jp/news/0509/05/index.html <-- I want that picture.

oh my god. the kof anime looks a billion times better then dat wack ass street fighter crap dat’s coming out. damn the why kof mi2 looks i hope they fix the bull shit so no one will have 100% and other shit dat fucked the last game up. the game has smoother polly gones it looks really good. damn snk can is starting to step there game up.

Oh, and like i mentioned in another thread, SVC: Card Fighters Clash is coming for the DS.

:cool: I’m glad they are making a new KOF: Max Impact because I liked the first one so much!!!

MI2 looks pretty cool. It always struck me as odd that SNK has the resources to sink into risky projects like this. Was the first MI profitable?

Also, is the KOF anime a movie or an OVA?

Every KOF and MS are profitable (KOF being the most profitable arcade game after VF, remember?). SVC was the pretty profitable too. Then KOF:MI (whih made a LOT of money - more than any other SNK console release). Also, MS for GBA was the number two most sold GBA game ever (behind one of those Disney/Square games).

Wow, I’m surprised that MI sold so well. Were the majority of those sales in Japan? I don’t recall it getting anything but mediocre reviews in the west. Not that sales of a game always depend on those, of course, but for a series with a relatively low profile outside of Japan, you’d figure it’d make a difference.

Amazing. Any dates?

Will this be regular version, or will there be expand edition as well?

The KOF anime looks sweet, but I have to wonder who it will center around.

You have the classic if somewhat overrated Kyo/Iori tag team, you got K’, the simple hero they chose to lead MI with, you got the newest and possibliy evil main character Ash ‘I’m a man damn it’ Crimson, and now I see Rock Howard is in this shit as well.

Oh well hopefully we will get some good animated fights, that is all I ever wanted from a KOF anime.


KOF: MI outsold every 2d fighter for the PS2 in the US, so I’d say it sold well.

The KOF Anime seems like the MI universe- didn’t see anyone who wasn’t in MI or MI2. (billy was in the MI2 screenshots)

Any word about KOF XI and consoles yet?

In Japan, it sold an unheard-of number (for an SNKP game) in its first week (dont remember the number, but it was in the top 5 that week in Japan). In the US, MI is the best-selling console SNK game since the bankruptcy.

Kinda makes it clear how much people prefer 3D to 2D…

I expect some damn good fight scenes in that anime or else!

just beacuse a game sells well though doesnt mean its good, if anyone was smart I would hope that they would be more cautious about buying another MI game…

Whatever the case though, umm why is K’ missing his glove in those video game pics… Did something happen in the story that im not aware of??? @_@

MI2 looks pretty nice. Wonder what characters they’ll put into it. Billy looks really damn good from those shots. Is this game still on track to be on Xbox360 (it was announced for it a while back)? Cause I see nothing but “PS2” on that page.

The production value for Another Day looks really up there (i’m guessing its an OVA?), I just hope the animation is solid and fluid enough to do the great character design’s justice.

What the… I can’t believe MI sold so well,I bought the game a month ago for 10 dollars,and I think I waste my money. The thing I didn’t like were the ugly graphics and the voices in english
:tdown: MI2 looks a lot of better though :tup: just change the damn voices or at least put the option to japanse.

maybe MI sold so well because it had a tv commercial

Kyo’s outfit looks crazy-cool.