KOF MI 3, A2 cancelled [also, on Falcoon's firing ]


kinda sad, MI was my first delving into the KOF series.


Well I see this as half rage and half truth…

When one product isn’t received well it’s not back to the drawing board… it’s back to the unemployment line…


As somebody who likes MI a lot. Some of the outfits he made were pretty wack. I’d rather have george clooney faces on everybody. About 90% of the time, fans don’t really know better. So having a fan making designs for the game in any aspect turns out usually to be a bad idea.



::counters this obvious shit as SNKP is a predictable failure::

Fuck, I need a new avatar…



MIRA was the best fighter ever ! ( IMO )

godamnit , did they say why were they canceled ?


shit son, every MI game was a huge improvement on the last with MIRA being actually really legit.

It’s a shame that we won’t get to see where the series could’ve gone. =\

however, i could care less about falcoon’s directing/ideas in general.


so long falcon

you won’t be missed


:tdown: No words can discribe how much FAIL SNKfailmore has shown by pulling this shit (but then again this was kinda expected considering how much they spent on KOFXII which flopped). Instead, I’ll just respond with this:



Well they can at least just port the charcters from MI over to the main KOF canon, and it saves money for them to focus exclusivly on KOF.


What the fuck…?

Why the fuck…?



Oh yea, because the main KOF canon did a real good job with Ash when compared with Duke, Luise, and Alba.

(Soiree was a bit much with chaps, open vest AND a cowboy hat…but one of his moves was to surf on a bitch. That’s fucking rad no matter how you slice it.)


i Love the MI designs , they’re unique and stylish and fit in the KOF cast really well IMO

my favs are the Soiree Bros , Luise , Duke , Nagase and Mignon , they are really awesome
especially the Soiree Bros <3


alba’s default outfit and style was pretty stupid (LEATHERRRRRRRRR/10) but i really liked his moves and voice

it would be cool to see it translated into 2D


Not a big loss.


I don’t like the MI series but Falcoon designed ash, duolon, and shen who I like (not so much ash)


Well that sucks, I enjoyed MI…


I thought the MI series sold decently well? If so, this actually doesn’t make any sense.


Yea, as far as I understood, KOF2006 was one of their best selling KOF games ever (maybe it was just MI, not sure).

All the same, in fairness, absolutely *NOTHING *snkp does right now makes any sense.


Ash looks like a really shitty gaia avatar, bellbottom flame pants. Every time I see someone with his pic the song [media=youtube]REElUors1pQ"[/media]plays in my head


Didn’t like many of the MI series designs but there were some nice characters such as the new characters like Nagase, Chae Lim and Ninon, along with bringing back guys like Seth, Hanzo and Mr. Karate (Ryo). And the game did improve as the series went along but I am not going to miss it that much.

Especially after they blew the last 3D Samurai Shodown.