KOF MI in war gods method

KOF MI in war gods method …

i honestly think that KOF MI would be …hard to made to be a fighting game , like Way of the warrior , rise of the robots …etc

and is 5d …

well , i might say that KOF MI would be better be like midway’s war gods style … like fight club in eer 2d …

agree or not …??
give suggestion …

Make KOF MI like War Gods? I KNOW War Gods sucks. I know Fight Club sucks. And from what people have been saying about KOF MI, that would just be throwing more shit on top of a shit pile that’s already got too much shit
in it.

I have no idea what the first post actually says.

What he said.



Why do people on the internet get off to raping proper sentence structure, spelling, and grammar?

Or better yet, why are some people compelled to make stupid theads in a poor attempt to make fun of someone else, and then UTTERLY FAIL at that attempt?

Yeah…I had to work hard to piece together the first post…imagine how I feel.

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I will take option #4 for $500, Alex.

Funny thing is, he edited the post… I still can’t understand it.

It is a parody post I believe probably of that one asking if Capcom would make Capcom All star fighting game based off of a SSBM like engine.

But let’s be honest KOF MI wasn’t as bad as Rise of the Robots, in some aspects (such as playing the horrific but strangely funny “story”) it is as bad but not all of it.

Sad that Atari Lynx gets no love, but I won’t stand in the way of Sagat’s happiness.

Finally somebody found out the big secret!

There was no big secret. This thread was dumb the second you made it, and I’m pretty sure I stated it was a parody a fucking day ago. Close this crap.

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