KOF: MI2 / KOF 2006 - Strategy / Techniques / Combos

I know there is another thread, however, it has a lot of general hate in it (be it for character design or just being KOF in general). So anyway, I decided to start another thead that talks about the actual game KOF:MI2.

Feel free to point out anything I’m missing so we can have a complete info thread.

Character Listing:

Alba Meira
Billy Kane
B. Jenet (beat game 5 times with diff chars)
Chae Lim
Fio (beat game 3 times with diff chars)
Hanzo (beat game 4 times with diff chars)
Hyena (beat game 13 times with diff chars)
Jivatma (beat game 14 times with diff chars)
Kim (beat game 1 time with diff chars)
Kyo “Classic” (beat game 9 times with diff chars)
Lien Neville
Luise Meyrink
Lily Kane (beat game 8 times with diff chars)
Nightmare Geese (beat game 6 times with diff chars)
Mignon Beart
Mr. Karate (beat game 12 times with diff chars)
Ninon Beart (beat game 7 times with diff chars)
Ralf “Armor” (beat game 11 times with diff chars)
Richard Myer (beat game 2 times with diff chars)
Soiree Meira
Terry “Wild Wolf” (beat game 10 times with diff chars)

General Commands:

Basically it’s a 4-button game: LP, HP, LK, HK. Pressing buttons in different combinations will result in additional techniques. Here a list of stuff:

f+HP = Throw
f+HK = Throw

LP+LK = Sidestep (into the background)
d+LP+LK = Sidestep (into the foreground)

[LP+LK] or d+[LP+LK] = Sidestep into Sidewalk*
*As long as you are holding LP+LK you will continue to sidewalk in the initial direction.

b+LP+LK = Roll Back
f+LP+LK = Roll Forward

b+LP+LK or f+LP+LK (During Guard) = Counter Roll*
*Costs 1 meter
*Can also be done after being Sabaki’ed (still costs 1 meter)

HP+HK = Power Attack*
*Can also be done in air.
*Can also be done after being Sabaki’ed (still costs 1 meter)

HP+HK (During Guard) = Guard Break* (actually it’s an Alpha Counter)
*Costs 1 meter.

b+LK+HP = High/Mid Sabaki (Parry basically)
db+LK+HP = Low Sabaki

LP+LK (when hitting ground) = Break Fall (basically backwards tech roll)
LP or HK (when on ground) = Quick Getup
HP (when on ground) = Quick Getup (into the background)
LK (when on ground) = Quick Getup (into the foreground)

In addition to all that stuff, there are also numerous command normals for each character. You’ll have to learn those on your own.


There are 3 meters: Health, Guard, and Super.

Super meter can be filled up 3 times during round one (unless options have been changed). However, if a player loses the first round, they will be able to build up 5 supers in the next round. So, if both characters lose a round, in the third round they will both be able to build up 5 meters.

Super Cancels are done by doing a SC-able move into a super. A SC costs an additional meter on top of the normal super cost. For example: Terrys QCB,DB,F+P takes 1 meter, but canceling Burn Knuckle into it will cost 2 total (QCB+LP -> SC QCB,DB,F+P).

If you guard, your guard meter goes down. Pretty straightforward. However, from what I’ve seen so far, it doesn’t ever go back up (for that round) until you’ve been guard-broken. When you run out of guard meter, the meter begins filling back up but it’s red (instead of green). During this time, you can be constantly guard-broken. Ow.

Unlocking Stuff:

There are like a million things to unlock in the game, chars, costumes, and stages (and maybe some other stuff… I dunno).

Beating story mode for the first time unlocks a new character and a profile for that char (in Profile Mode, you can check out the diff costumes, see the bio and story in japanese, and rotate around the character and zoom in/out).

Costumes: Every character starts with NORMAL and ANOTHER costumes, with 4 different textures each (therefore they start with 8 total costumes). Playing through any of the modes will unlock a new costume for the char you are playing. There are 38 characters total, and each character has 8 additional costumes to unlock. That means there are a total of 304 costumes to unlock. Yeow.

There are some points to remember when unlocking costumes:

Time Attack: you can only “complete” it once for a particular char and then you must move on (therefore you can only unlock 1 costume in time attack per char). For example: if you complete time attack with Terry, you will unlock one of his new costumes (either NORMAL or ALTERNATE) depending on which one you are using. If you already have all Normals, you will unlock and alternate, and vice versa. If you already have all of Terry’s costumes, you will unlock some other characters costume. I’m not sure if it’s random who gets unlocked, or if there is an order… but it really doesn’t matter.

Easy Mission: There are 100 challenges. You can play through with one character the whole time and still unlock costumes for other characters. Just like the Terry example above, if you do the first 8 missions and unlock Terry NORMAL 5-8, and ALTERNATE 5-8, when you complete the next mission, you will unlock a costume for some other character.

Hard Mission: Same as Easy Mission logic.

Extra Mission: Same as Easy/Hard Mission logic.

UPDATED: Survival Mode: OK, after finally beating Survival Mode, I can explain how it works. Every 20 levels you get a new costume. The logic is the same (if you have all the costumes for the char you are using, you unlock one you don’t have). At 60, 120, and 200 you get new stages (I got NeoGeo Land, Infernal Gate, and Mizuki). I’m not sure if the stage-unlock logic works the same as the chars, meaning, I don’t know if it will ALWAYS give you NeoGeo Land / Infernal Gate / Mizuki, or if it will just give you the 3 “next” stages in queue to unlock. Anyway, doesn’t matter… you get 3 stages.

UPDATED: Another interesting thing about Survival Mode is that you get points every match you win. You can purchase a heal, or an attack up, or a power up etc. Every 50 levels you unlock a new powerup to purchase. Such as “Life Recover” (which, I think is regeneration), and “Max Power” (infinite supers for one round… use it for bosses).

UPDATED: Quick rundown: Every 10 levels there is a “boss” (has some type of powerup). Every 20 levels you unlock a new costume. Every 50 you unlock a new buyable upgrade. At 60, 120, and 200 you unlock stages. You also get sound-tests as well.

Story Mode: Beating story mode for the first time with a character unlocks a new costume. The logic works exactly the same as the other modes. If you already have all that char’s costumes, it will unlock a costume for someone else.

Anyway, be sure to beat story mode and time attack with each char once. That will unlock 38x2 costumes (76).

When you beat 50 missions in Easy Mission, you get a new stage. When you beat all 100 missions, you get another stage and Hard Mission unlocks.

So, if you beat Story Mode with everyone, you have 38 costumes. If you then beat Time Attack with everyone, you have antoher 38 costumes. Beat Extra Mission, you have 20 costumes (4 missions with 5 variations). Then beat all 100 Easy Missions, and all 100 Hard Missions, you have another 200 costumes unlocked. That’s 296 costumes. Not bad. I guess you can finish it out in Survival Mode. New costume at each set of 20. That would be 10 more possible (Which would put you over the 304 threshold. Nice!)

According to FlameX from GameFAQS, there are 52 different BGM’s (more than 35 of which are old-school SNK tracks).

Easy Mission:

Removed the cut/paste and providing link instead.


Note: 4-04 is incorrect. Knock the opponent against the wall.

Good shit. Would you mind putting this shit on guardbreak.net too?

Feel free to post it up if you want. I can’t keep up with two diff threads on two diff sites =D.

I’m definately waiting for the Hard Mission translations, I haven’t got a foggy as to what to do for them. I found the easy mission translation on cyberfanatix.

I also still need to complete Survival mode, I haven’t seen 100 wins yet (let alone the 200 they’re asking for)

EDIT: Trag, the 04-04 is wrong (Emerald acknowledged this but didn’t edit both guides), you don’t score a perfect against Rock, you need to hit him against the wall.

Thanks for the update. I’ll edit it now.

We definitely need to get some hard mission translations going.

Anyone know what the listing is for ROCK after his 360+HP -> QCF+HP (the old grab -> blast). It lists a bunch of different LP+LK options but I havn’t seen any additional damage or breaks. Any idea?

I have no idea, I can’t read alot of the moves list (especially moves that require some special condition, I’m stumped on them).

Has anyone got some advice for doing “Destroy Car” level 5? And I’m having trouble with Pushing Todoh’s Steamroller level 4.

With Rock, you can basically use LP+LK to break a lot of his moves now. You can break his HP Rising Tackle, his LP Hard Edge, all versions of his Rage Run, and you can break his Shinkuu Nage before doing the Rasetsu (QCF+HP).

With the Shinkuu Nage, it’s usually better NOT to break unless you have meter. The Rasetsu does more damage than most of the followups you could normally do after it. Break into level 1 Shine Knuckle is pretty good, though.

Yes please post on Guardcrush Trag…we’d appreciate it very much!!! If not I will refer you as the original poster

Hrm, yeah I knew you could break all the moves. I suppose I just read the movelist wrong and expected the LP+LK to be a follow-up to the QCF+HP instead of them being separate breaks. It makes sense now. Thx for the reply.

Okayyy so this is how I destroyed car at level five.

Pick fio - go directly to the front of the car. Jump forward and CD if you do it right, you’ll get a 3 hit combo - this means your hitting the the front and both sides everytime you jump. Then when your done just go around to the back and some random chain and avoid the barrels. This strategy is the bomb!

This game is fun, DUKE AND FIO for LIFE!

is this game as broken as the first game??

With the safeguards in place that should’ve been there the first time around (damage scaling, lmiters on otg juggles) and some of the new system stuff like parries, it’s nowhere as bad as the first game.

Still doesn’t mean there isn’t broken shit in the game, but it’ll take a bit of time versus the one week that the other game had before people started destroying it.

To be honest, I expected MI2 to outright suck. I mean, the first one was terrible. Buktooth and I played a good deal of versus (of MI1) and the BS was found in like literally 5 minutes. Our matches consisted of Kyo Sweep, OTGx100 -> Super versus K’ lowjump LK-HKx100 -> mixup. There was really no gameplay at all.

Now, I’m not saying that MI2 won’t be broken, but it definitely feels a lot better, and any outright BS seems to be gone at first glance. It’s a fun diversion. There’s a ton of single player content, and enough variety in the characters to keep versus fun as well. We will see how it pans out in the future. It’s a KOF at the root, so maybe there will be some outright silly junk found sooner or later.

So yea, anyway… back to techniques and strategy? =D

anyone have some luise tactics? i think she has some really good potential.

she has a 4 way dash and can dash like 3 times in a row in the air.

the butterfly rekka, (qcf+p) seems good in combos and safe if you end it with a fireball.

her hand swipe super is good but horrible recovery when blocked.

thats the gist of it after using her like about 30 mins.

im liking this game alot ive been messing around with it alot and it feels ALOT better than MI1

I think I’m the only one who likes the Meiras…

Alba seems like a solid contender, with easy combos for good damage and a reasonably quick projectile. His counters seem kind of irrelevant, though; although I haven’t tested it, I think that in any situation where you can counter you’re probably better off parrying into combo.

What’s this guy’s best anti-air? He’s got lots of tricks on the ground, but I’m not sure how to handle jump-ins.

Soiree is funky because, although he’s “the capoeira guy,” he doesn’t play all that differently from everybody else. The quintessential capoeira guy is Eddie Goro, with his long mixup strings. In this game everybody has mixup strings, so Soiree isn’t really doing anything different. He has lots of moves that remind me of Elena from 3S, except this game is really supercancel-friendly; I’m hoping that he’ll develop into an Elena with more damage-dealing capability.

On a side note: Does anybody know what the properties of K’'s Crimson Star Road are? If not, I might test it out myself; I’m curious as to whether or not he’s invincible, how easy it is to combo into, etc.

Strats on unblockable setups for Lien Neville, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE =D

K’s Crimson Starload is a counter in this game. You can’t combo into it. Counters any physical attack, does not counter projectiles or throws. Fucking buttload of damage if it connects.

New followup to Alba’s command grab is pretty nice, it does more damage than the grab alone and sets up for oki instead of throwing the other guy ten miles away from you. Really no excuse not to do it. Alba can still kara-throw people from really far away using his f+LK and this grab, so abuse as you see fit.

Favorite thing to do with Soiree is QCB+P strings into supers. So easy.

Added info about Survival Mode to first post.