KoF MI2 Tier list?

Can anyone post the Tier list for KoF MI2? and maybe some reason why the top tier characters are top tier?

since the game will be out in america soon i wanted to find out the tier list now

robo ralph>all

I don’t know if there has been an official tier listing for the game yet but I haven’t really seen that many matches of this game but maybe that’s because I don’t really know where to find them.


B. Jenet is top-tier against any straight player.
Who could keep their eyes off that thong?

i’ll take a crack at it first methinks

SSS - armour ralf ( no hit stun super armour+easy string sabaki bait into command throw punisher+easy hit confirms for ridiculous damage), billy, lilly ( combo to the wall+okizeme=death )
SS - kula, athena ( the ouroboros-like super results in genei-jin like results ) luise, iori ( why did he need counter mode from earlier games? ) mai, lien, mr karate, maxima
S - b.jenet, duke, kyo, leona, alba, k’, seth, nightmare geese, fio
A - chae lim, kim, nagase, hanzo, terry, wild wolf, ninon, ryo, richard
B - jivatma, mignon, clark, ralf, soiree, rock
C - hyena, yuri

I really dont even think K’ is that good, he has nothing outside Crimson. Armor Ralf is undisputed no 1. Billy is really fucking good as well. Maxima is right behind Billy if not up there with him.

I like Ralf just because he looks like Alex.

u mean Alex looks like Ralf the Ikari Warrior


K’ is safe on like, everything. His damage is pretty ho-hum, but good luck hitting the fucker.

(I didn’t include Armor Ralph, who is by all early accounts broken as fuck. I will happily hear strategies as to why he can be beat and why he should stay tournie legal.)

well, from the matches that we’ve had up till this point…


These seem to be the outwardly abusable characters. By that, I mean they all have things that force you to change your strategy.

Other dangerous and solid characters so far:

B. Jenet

Here’s the reasoning, please disagree to whatever extent you believe I’m wrong here.

Kula: Zoning princess. Qcf+k is just vicious. Opponents have such a hard time just getting around that move that they begin to take risks, which is exactly what Kula needs to fire off her L2 Ice wave. Athena seems to be the best match against her.

Alba: He’s solid in all the ways that Ken is in 3S. His stylish moves all look similar with very different finishers and this helps to make people hesitant to sabaki. Following that, his specials are high priority and keep him safe afterwards. Add into that some great and easily linkable, safe-if-blocked supers and Alba is just good.

Leona: She’s methodical, has a good selection of supers, safe combo endings, and most of all b-f->punch. That move alone has so far make Leona a viable match up against every character. Think of a highly mobile 3S Q with a projectile and twice the tricks; that’s Leona. EDIT: It was pointed out to me that she can finish off any of her p-p-p combos with qcf x2+P, just more to make her good.

Ningon: (or whatever her name is) Best L1 super in the game, can hit multiple times in the corner or wall for 2-3 times the damage. Safe normals. It’s just that super giant fireball of hers. It’s good enough to win her matches she wouldn’t otherwise win. Fear her big balls. Fear.

Athena: Look, She’s Yun with two kinds of projectiles. Seriously. Dive kicks (phoenix arrow) and qcfx2+PP (Genei Jin). Athena is nasty and I don’t think the extent of her ability has been tapped. EDIT: Phoenix Arrow in the corner canceled into bubble hands works like a charm…

The upper characters:

Duke: I may be misjudging my success with him as an indication of his ability, but he does have an autoguard move, a full screen low attack, and most importantly a level 1 super that is actived when Duke blocks a move. So yea, he can realiate against any blocked move with a level 1 super. Thus, Duke wins matches.

B. Jenet: She’s just got very solid rush down potential and her L1 punch super gives her a guard break capability that I haven’t seen else where. Basically, Jenet seems like an alternative to Alba to me. EDIT: Jenet has a couple of ‘fakes’ one of which has the same animation as the start up to her L1, good for mind games.

Soree: Like Alba, he’s a solid well designed character. Unfortunately for him the majority of his greatness comes from low attacks. Soree would be near top, but he’s honestly sabaki bait. Still when he combos, it hurts (and it’s easy and confirmable.)

Mai: Interesting range of tricks, surprisingly high damage moves. Squirrel dive is good. I don’t play her, but she always ends up being a tough fight.

Ralph: He, hits hard. Real hard. His level 2 punch super is game breaking. In essence, one mistake or even poor movement give Ralph an opportunity to win. His problem is staying close in the meantime.

Anyone still playing this?

Havent played it in awhile, people have pretty much learned that K’ sucks pretty hard. Not nearly as safe as thought has pretty piss poor damage combos.

Fio has ended up as the Cable of the game (obviously). But her keep away is outstanding and can really hinder an Alba/Jenet or Billy from getting that key point blank range.

io remember the kanto tournament where everyone got raped by terry/wild wolf

The problem being fighting either Billy or Lilly is they only need one knockdown and their oki game kicks in. If its a knockdown against a wall forget about it. She definetly can give Billy fits but she has to make sure not to have her back to a wall.

Last I heard- RoboRalf, Richard & Mr. Karate are Top Tier. Can’t remember why the other 2 are, but RoboRalf has already been spoken of.

Yea, I mean, you’re right about those three.

Armor Ralf has kind of been discussed and from what I understand, he has been removed from Regulation A (the upgrade).

Richard is just really good. I don’t think he’s unstopable or anything. He’s just a legitimate top-tier.

Mr. Karate on the other hand…is very likely just as broke as Armor Ralph. He has two (?) moves that have multi-hit auto guards into unblockables. I’ve used his -> -> P move to stand through Kula’s Level 2 super and hit her out of hit. He’s retarded.

I hope Reg A comes out state-side. It’s supposed to clean some of this up. Plus Blue Mary is added (bonus!).

^…and Ash as well as possibly more characters.
Hmmm seeing as RoboRalf is not legit, and that I haven’t unlocked him yet. I’ll have to remind my bros never to pick him just for the sake of fair play.

Reg. A has Ash that’s good enough for me. Aside from Armor Ralf I knew of no brokeness in this game, but if there’s some yeah Reg. A better remove it

I see this as a very pressure tactics oriented game.

What I’ve developed as far as a play strategy is this:

Once a critical breakdown has occured, that being:

a missed poke
someone screwing up their corner game and you maneuvering out
a sabaki
a chain or attack that is unsafe on hit occurs

Then I go for the longest stylish move -> special -> super

That’s what you do in any game essentially.

I think the most important thing to learn how to deal with is the sabaki in KOF 2k6. Reason being, it’s an easy to do ‘red parry’.

So in addition to learning the most effective combo, I learn two to three other “poke” combos. The first move or 2 moves of these chains may look similar, but then there is a mix up or an opportunity to opt safely out.

I mean, I guess that all is really obvious stuff to do, but if we’re going to discuss the game, basic strategy is where to start right?

Take B Jenet for instance. Her qcb+p move is a really good poke. It beats out tons of stuff. Using P (hard Punch) takes it a good distance further. Since the move has width, it becomes difficult to sidestep. So once she has landed one, two, or three of these, the opponent will simply have to block untill distance is maxed, in which case you’ve done significant damage to their guard meter (important actually in this game and especially important for her…). The opponent’s option is to try and get between the gusts which is where the breakdown occurs.

You know they are going to attack, but you do get to move first as your gust move has an advantage on block. If you go for your biggest combo (usually these are simple iterations of one or two moves p-P-P-P or k-k-K-K-K, etc), the opponent can easily sabaki that crap. Since you have the option of applying the mix up combos you are either going to find a way in with the high/low game OR force the opponent to block enough hits that you can cancel into her qcf x2 +p super and *force *a guard break. (which nets you most of the super’s damage anyway)

I may be wrong on my take on this game. That’s fine so long as it brings up some discussion that gets all of us playing better.