KOF Maxmium Impact Regulation A is coming to NYC within 2 weeks!

Kongman Center is going to get it as soon as possible. The employee told me first thing I went there today. He also said it will arrive to Kongman next week. From all the info I gathered in Arcadia, it has a good feedback in loca test. It’s a promising game so far. Are you ready for this?

Kongman gets no love. You know that. heh heh :wink:

I’m ready its a shame I’ll be in Texas.

what else do they have at kongman?

sigh, Shag, I went to Chinatown just for Super Turbo with Nohoho today, but the machine kept resetting itself… Well, this is life. CF hates me. ST hates me. Sigh…

Dark Geese, come to NYC already, lol.

Mike C, Hokuto no Ken and KOF XI, though I doubt one of them is going to be replaced by MIRA.

Hahaha how bout they fix their sticks more often…Can’t wait to see the whoring of that new character…forget her name atm…


Shinto, you can’t play on stick, lol! Also Xiaolon = laughing dragon. Her moves are ridiculously cool if you understand kanji(+ chinese history too?)

I can play on stick, if I tried to purchase a stick but I think if I play the game from when they first get it I’ll be a custom to it. may take a couple of weeks.

fuck kongman.

that is all.

spam of the day:rofl:

At any rate, I will try it for sure… I am really glad it has a 10 hit restriction, so I don’t have to wait for another century whenever something hits me, like in… ahem. don’t wanna get banned by SK for that loopy game, lol!

I was being serious. lol Ask Arturo or anyone else in CF, I can’t stand that place. When I went there for FotNS last year the 1P stick was busted and the 2P start didn’t work too well. When I still lived in NYC years ago shit was the same for the like, 2 games they had then(KOF2k and CvS1 IIRC). Fuck that place.

LMAO it seems nothing has changed in over a year…:rolleyes:

bah, you hate that place, don’t bother to talk about it. I heard plenty complains about CF smelling like basement. Whatever. Basically you don’t like something you can always come up with excuse. The question is, do you want to play the game or not?

I can play the game in a nice clean arcade in Okinawa. =p Don’t be hostile.

I’m just pointing out the faults of that place that haven’t been fixed since pre-2000. :tup:

What did I tell you Tian. YAAFI!! :lol:


Yeah, the last time I hit up Kongman and was actually excited for it was when they got in CFJ.

What’s KoF Mira anyway?

MIRA stands for Maximum Impact Regulation A I think.

where is kongman?

^89 Bowery

Its about 4-5 blocks from CF.